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Fast-track to future-ready banking operations

April 22, 2021


In brief

Preparing for the volatile future of banking

A power-boosting transformation strategy that injects intelligence and digital capabilities into their operations, across technology, processes and people, is essential for banks to stay competitive.

What's the upside of being a future-ready bank?

Shifting to a digital banking operating model

Banks have failed to scale in key innovation areas

Knowledge is power

01. Know the ultimate goal

Banks that use scale and intelligent operations can improve customer experiences and business outcomes. Learn more.

02. Know the key steps

Automate at scale, augment human talent with technology and harness the power of cloud to transform the cost curve. 

03. Know how to leapfrog maturity levels

Tap into the power of building ecosystem relationships to decide whether to "make or buy." 

The choice to change

Reinventing banking operations to trigger growth

A European bank used automation, analytics and top talent to cut operating costs by 20-30%—freeing up resources to reinvest. Learn more.

The future of auto finance: a smoother ride​

A global bank reinvented its auto loans process–boosting car loan sales by 50% and cutting total costs. ​Learn more.

Becoming a future-ready profitable lender

A North American bank transformed its lending practices to better service and retain customers—savings $20M and avoiding $2B in exposure. Learn more.

Roberto Pagella

Managing Director – Accenture Operations, Global Banking Operations Business Lead

Venkatraman (Ram) Iyer

Managing Director – Accenture Operations, Global Banking Operations Offering Lead

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The big read

15 minute read

Future-ready banking

Accenture surveyed bank executives worldwide to understand how they view their journey to operations maturity.

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