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CSPs' critical role in the race to net zero

April 25, 2022 5-MINUTE READ

In brief

Sustainability stewards of communications industry

These roles are not mutually exclusive; in fact, each role kickstarts the next so CSPs can embody all three roles over time.

Sustainability leaders

Ecosystem enablers

Consumer champions

CSPs that pursue sustainability quickly have the chance to define the new space and build advantages before slow-moving peers even get started.

Tailoring sustainable investment

Three areas for CSPs to sustainably invest in:

New ways of working:

Pushing CSPs towards a sustainable future

Jonathan Weitz

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, North America

With expertise in M&A, digital media and analytics, Jonathan helps communications and media clients achieve sustainable growth.

Mark Flynn

Senior Manager – Accenture Research

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Sustainability stewards

How Communications Service Providers can build a new, net-zero economy.