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Empowering film creatives with digital twins

Walt Disney Studios’ StudioLAB and Accenture created digital twinning tools to support the next generation of filmmaking


Call for change

Walt Disney Studios ​delivers ​cutting-edge solutions ​that​​ ​continue pushing the boundaries of filmmaking​ through its​​ ​StudioLAB, an advanced development division for innovation in creative technologies.

​​Most recently, p​artnering with Accenture, Disney Studios’ StudioLAB wanted the ability to make 3D models of objects and locations. This virtual modeling technology, called photogrammetry, enables creatives to work together on and around a potential shooting location without ever having to be there in person.

In addition, Disney Studios’ StudioLAB wanted to create capabilities for more effective virtual collaboration. Specifically, it wanted to enable immersive, virtual collaboration within the StudioLAB itself, a 3,500-square foot facility located inside the famed old Animation building of the Studio lot.

When tech meets human ingenuity

Together, Disney Studios’ StudioLAB and Accenture developed two tools for digital twinning.

The Photogrammetry as a Service (PHaaS) tool is a cloud-based digital repository for photos and 3D models. Location scouts and capture technicians can easily upload and organize photos in the cloud, and within an hour, generate 3D models. They can then view these 3D models remotely on a web application.

Using Accenture’s Immersive Collaboration Platform, the team created the second tool, a digital twin of the StudioLAB facility for remote collaboration and virtual tours. Film and camera experts from Disney captured the 360-degree images of the space and Accenture’s design and engineering team recreated it in 3D, offloading visitor demand and making it more accessible to everyone.

A valuable difference

Using the PHaaS tool, engineers, artists, and visual effects professionals can now quickly search through potential sets and shoot locations, or leverage 3D assets for early visual effects. Walt Disney Studios has already used the tool to streamline and support pre-production and location scouting for major productions from Marvel Studios and 20th Century productions.

Additionally, the Virtual StudioLAB will introduce four valuable functionalities: virtual collaboration, hyper-customization, meeting flexibility and expanded capacity. With these tools, the studio can continue to build and scale new spaces and experiences, enabling the magic to travel to wherever creativity sparks.


John Peters

Managing Director – Media & Entertainment, United States, West

Mary Hamilton

Lead – Technology Innovation, North America and LATAM

Garry Chien

Manager – Strategy & Consulting, Communications & Media, North America