About Harpreet

Harpreet leads Accenture's Managed Security Services globally, bringing more than 16 years of experience in driving complex global security programs. A successful and recognized information security technology leader, he has deep expertise in security architecture, infrastructure security, identity and access management, cybersecurity operations, incident response and regulatory compliance.

Harpreet also plays the role of a Quality Assurance Director on some of the largest and complex security transformation and operations engagements for Accenture Security. He is affiliated with ISACA, an independent, nonprofit, global association that engages in the development, adoption and use of globally accepted, industry-leading knowledge and practices for information systems.

An active voice for social causes, Harpreet is deeply involved in volunteering and serving local communities. He is associated with Accenture's corporate citizenship initiative—the Skills to Succeed program. In his free time, he dabbles in golf, aviation and astronomy. He likes watching sci-fi movies and spending quality time with his children. His life mantra is—"By the time others catch up we've moved on to the next wave."

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