The board of directors (the “Board”) has four standing committees: The Audit Committee, the Compensation Committee, the Finance Committee and the Nominating & Governance Committee.

Audit committee

The Audit Committee oversees Accenture’s accounting, financial reporting processes and audits of financial statements and internal controls.

The Audit Committee’s primary responsibilities include the oversight of the following:

  • The quality and integrity of Accenture's accounting and reporting practices and controls, and the financial statements and reports of Accenture
  • Accenture's compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • The independent auditor's qualifications and independence
  • The performance of Accenture's internal audit function and independent auditors

Members (all independent):

Paula A. Price (Chair)
Jaime Ardila
Venkata "Murthy" Renduchintala
Tracey T. Travis


Compensation committee

The Compensation Committee oversees Accenture’s global compensation philosophy, policies and programs.

The Compensation Committee’s primary responsibilities include the oversight of the following:

  • Together with the Nominating & Governance Committee, conducting an annual review of Accenture’s executive chairman, if any, and chief executive officer
  • Setting the compensation of our executive chairman, if any, our chief executive officer and members of our global management committee
  • Overseeing Accenture's equity-based plans
  • Reviewing and making recommendations to the full Board regarding Board compensation

Members (all independent):

Nancy McKinstry (Chair)
Paula A. Price
Arun Sarin


Finance committee

The Finance Committee oversees Accenture’s capital and treasury activities.

The Finance Committee’s primary responsibilities include the oversight of Accenture’s:

  • Capital structure and corporate finance strategy and activities
  • Share redemption and purchase activities
  • Treasury function, investment management and financial risk management
  • Defined benefit and contribution plan investment planning
  • Insurance plans
  • Major acquisitions, dispositions, joint ventures or similar transactions

Members (all independent):

Jaime Ardila (Chair)
Beth E. Mooney
Frank K. Tang
Tracey T. Travis


Nominating & governance committee

The Nominating & Governance Committee oversees Accenture’s corporate governance practices and processes.

The Nominating & Governance Committee’s primary responsibilities include the oversight of the following:

  • Assessing and selecting/nominating (or recommending to the Board for its selection/nomination) strong and capable candidates to serve on the Board
  • Making recommendations as to the size, composition, structure, operations, performance and effectiveness of the Board
  • Overseeing Accenture's chief executive officer succession process
  • Together with the Compensation Committee, conducting an annual review of Accenture's chief executive officer and executive chairman, if any
  • Developing and recommending to the Board a set of corporate governance principles, including independence standards
  • Taking a leadership role in shaping the corporate governance of Accenture

Members (all independent):

Arun Sarin (Chair)
Jaime Ardila
Nancy McKinstry
Gilles C. Pélisson


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