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The rise of forerunners

March 31, 2021


In brief

Opportunity to lead

Sixty four percent of senior executives expect emerging new lifestyles to arrive within the next five years.

How long will it take for following lifestyles to become the new norm?

Total sample, n=1,500 Source: Accenture Growth Markets C-level Survey, September – October 2020
Dr. Vedrana Savic

Managing Director – Thought leadership

Vedrana’s research focuses on business disruption, enterprise innovation, investment strategy and organizational change.

Valentin de Miguel

Senior Managing Director – Chief Strategy Officer, Growth Markets

Valentin is focused on helping C-suite executives develop strategies to transform and reimagine their organizations to enable continuous innovation, from idea to execution.

Trevor Gruzin

Senior Managing Director – Growth & Strategy, Growth Markets

​Trevor focuses on advising companies and governments on strategy (Business, IT, Digital), innovation applied to business and operating models, and transformation. His specific focus is on how technology can disrupt companies and industries.


Forerunners expect the unexpected

Forerunners (11% of companies surveyed) expect a significant business impact from most of the emerging lifestyles by 2030.

Expected business impact from emerging lifestyles of the future

Forerunners, n=162; Other companies, n=1,338 Source: Accenture Growth Markets C-level Survey, September – October 2020

Four ways to thrive in the society of the future

Laying the foundation for a better future

Calls are growing for companies to embrace their responsibility to create a society that is better for all.

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The rise of forerunners

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