Industry transformation enabled by SAP solutions

Creating value for clients requires deep understanding of industries they serve. Accenture and SAP work to help clients envision their industry future.

SAP solutions for industry, developed with industry

Each industry has unique requirements, so business transformation is not a “one-size-fits-all.” But we see a common goal: clients want a simplified, accelerated path to the cloud and the transformational value that awaits.

Leading with industry is core to our collaboration with SAP:

Industry co-development
With our industry and technology expertise, Accenture is a strategic partner with SAP for developing new industry solutions, developed with leading clients to ensure more relevant solutions.

Industry co-innovation
We work with SAP in industry consortia to design the future for SAP industry solutions. These insights, combined with our industry know-how, inspire us to develop SAP industry cloud solutions on SAP Business Technology Platform that extend capabilities of SAP software.

Industry transformation
We draw on our industry, market and technology expertise and collaboration-driven insights to drive sweeping industry transformations with SAP and other industry-relevant solutions.

We come prepared

Serving clients requires we continuously innovate and advance our efforts with SAP. For example: we recently launched Rise with SAP SOAR with Accenture, a collection of assets and services to catalyze transformation across specific industries and functions, all of it optimized to support deployments of RISE with SAP.

SOAR with Accenture helps our clients go faster and further with RISE with SAP. We combine our best thinking on industry and technology, our cloud expertise and our assets and services to take business transformation across industries and functions to new heights.

Our transformation platform, Accenture myConcerto, is what makes this fly. myConcerto helps jumpstart your transformation, innovate and extend your capabilities with preconfigured solutions, accelerators and industry cloud applications on SAP Business Technology Platform.

"Because every industry is different, we must ensure our cloud solutions are uniquely suited for each client and the industries they serve."

— Caspar Borggreve, Global Lead – Accenture SAP Business Group

How we help you succeed

Our clients gain access to essential ingredients for success, including:

Industry expertise

What’s my transformation business case or optimal solution architecture? We provide expertise to answer such questions and build industry-centric solutions.

Focus on value

We help you get to value faster with industry and function best practices, cloud capabilities, preconfigured solutions and accelerators.

Collaboration and innovation

Our longstanding partnership with SAP works because we’re committed to designing and developing relevant solutions with the industry and for the industry.

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Our industry solutions at a glance

Our industry solutions reflect our commitment to keeping pace with industry and technology change. These solutions cover more than 25 industries and use new SAP solutions combined with Accenture know-how to deliver value. Here’s a brief sampling:


Chemical companies build resilience by reinventing the B2B customer experience and developing next-generation business services. Read our blog.

Consumer goods and services

Data-led business models and engagement platforms allow brands to differentiate and create sustainable growth and reinvent customer experiences.


To position for the future, defense agencies are prioritizing resiliency, responsiveness and innovation across increasingly complex supply chains.

Energy/Oil & Gas

Oil and gas companies gain agility, profitability and decarbonized value chains enabled by modern enterprise platforms using cloud’s speed and scale.


Industrials gain an edge with lean, digital processes in the cloud, connecting products and services and building intelligent, sustainable operations.

Natural resources

Supply chain reinvention, based on customer preferences, automation and greater resilience, is key to a net-zero, sustainable, ethical future.


Retailers see opportunities aligning brand strategy and data for an omnichannel world, activating local fulfilment and empowering a digital workforce.


Utilities lead the energy transition by building deeper digital capabilities and establishing broader partnerships underpinned by cloud agility.

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SAP co-developed industry solutions

Accenture is very proud of our privileged role as SAP’s co-development partner for many years. Together, we build a unique and unparalleled portfolio of SAP solutions that help our clients gain more value from their SAP investments.

Accenture subject matter experts and developers are working side-by-side with SAP to design new industry solutions and accelerate the development roadmap – resulting in over 80 SAP products so far. We use the knowledge we gain from developing these solutions to build assets, services and delivery teams to allow our clients to get the full intended business value from these new solutions, faster.

Here are some highlights:

Solution Relevant for Brief Description
SAP Intelligent Asset Management Asset-intensive companies SAP Intelligent Asset Management enables asset-centric companies to maximize the performance of their assets through leading business practices and solutions. Learn more.
SAP Responsible Design and Production Consumer Packaging SAP Responsible Design and Production allows companies that generate consumer packaging to manage their extended producer responsibilities. Learn more.
SAP Cloud for Utilities Utility Retailers SAP Cloud for Utilities offers the knowledge, technological innovation and a flexible, cost-effective architecture, packaged for utilities exact needs. Learn more.
SAP S/4HANA Cloud for upstream oil and gas Upstream Oil and Gas Operators The only global enterprise solution available in the public cloud that delivers market-standard processes defined with the upstream oil and gas industry, for the industry. Learn more.
SAP S/4HANA Defense & Security Defense Agencies Drives operational readiness through standard force management processes enabling real-time data driven decision making and interoperability. Learn more.
Demand Driven Materials Requirements Planning Discrete Manufacturers Demand-driven MRP capabilities in SAP S/4HANA are ushering in a new supply chain paradigm based on faster material flows and real-time data. Learn more.
Target-driven Recipe Development Process Manufacturers Target-driven recipe development on SAP S/4HANA supports recipe managers in a customer-driven world. Learn more.


Accenture and SAP co-develop Intelligent Asset Management solutions

Cloud-based solutions give clients an integrated real-time view of their assets.

Accenture and SAP help companies accelerate Sustainability Transformation

Innovative solutions embed sustainability in companies’ core business processes.

Accenture and SAP move clients into the cloud with open industry solutions

Change business operations with industry-specific solutions based on SAP’s industry cloud.

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