Reimagining customer experience with Salesforce

Business must shift their focus from optimizing customer touchpoints (CX) to delivering purposeful experiences with the entirety of their business, anywhere, anytime.

Clarifying the Clutter

Marketing that delivers data driven experiences.

The Business of Experience

Right now, an experience renaissance is afoot – pushing business beyond the CX philosophy and coalescing around delivery of exceptional experiences. This differentiation must anticipate and respond to customers’ changing needs. This is the Business of Experience (BX).

While uncertainty continues to swirl, BX provides a more holistic approach, allowing organizations to become more customer obsessed and reignite growth. Whereas CX existed in a silo, BX is in the board room as a CEO priority because it is pushed down through all levels of the organization. In fact, 77% of CEOs said their company will fundamentally change the way it engages and interacts with its customers.

BX combines the promise of technology with human ingenuity to deliver the outsized and sustained value that savvy CEOs and their leadership teams will embrace as we move deeper into the coming decade.


B2B Sales Solution

Clarifying the Clutter

We know marketers are stuck in the clutter from the haphazard way that marketing organizations have evolved in the digital era.

Simplifying and applying the complex array of data is crucial for today's marketers to be able to tailor relevant experiences for customers–and our partnership with Salesforce enables us to help more marketers thrive and deliver those experiences through marketing transformation.

Clarifying the Clutter with Salesforce highlights how we can help marketers harness customer data and reimagine experiences by combining strategy, execution and technology. Accenture and Salesforce can bring clarity to the clutter and can help organizations thrive and reignite growth.


Marketing that delivers data driven experiences

Accenture shows how meaningful experiences, strong engagement, and customer satisfaction flow from customer data and insights.

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Reimagine Service

The service function can stretch businesses thin. Customers are more demanding than ever and with only finite resources to help them, it can seem that service is nothing but a cost-center.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With Accenture, Salesforce, and AWS customer experience solutions, you can transform your service function into a driver for growth – improving brand loyalty, strengthening profitable relationships, and increasing efficiencies; and we do it at speed and scale.

Powered by leading cloud technology, leveraging customer data, and deep partnerships, our team of tens of thousands of Salesforce-skilled professionals and AWS-trained technologists will deliver value like never before.

Together, we can reach all of your customers and truly reimagine what your service function can do.


Reimagine Service with Accenture, Salesforce & AWS

With Accenture, Salesforce, and AWS customer solutions, we can reach all of your customers and reimagine your service function.

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Accenture + Salesforce and the Business of Experience

Salesforce has always been about the experience, which makes it a natural fit for any organization on its journey to being a Business of Experience. Take a deeper dive into why Salesforce is the ready-made catalyst for BX to help outperform competition.

Three tech foundations to growth through service

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Obsess about customer needs

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Make experience innovation an everyday habit

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Expand the experience remit across your org

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Sync the tech, data and human agendas

Delivering on the promise of technology, data and human ingenuity makes change work. Together, you create outsized and sustained value. Learn more.

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Solving complex challenges

We are living in a world that is being reimagined before our eyes. Driven by the power of data, Accenture and Salesforce reimagine human experiences that reignite growth and accelerate the path to value. Together, clients trust us to solve their most complex business challenges with agility and speed.


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Accenture Talent Hub for Salesforce launches in Albany, New York

Expanding its commitment to the New York workforce, Accenture plans to create 100 new Salesforce-skilled cloud jobs in 2022.

Accenture and Salesforce team up with Mastercard to deepen its sustainability efforts

Mastercard is one of the first global companies to use Salesforce Sustainability Cloud to track and analyze carbon emissions of its value chain.

Accenture and Salesforce helps ISDI build sustainability into the foundation of its business to reduce environmental impact

ISDI is the first company in France to implement the Sustainability Cloud solution, contributing to a comprehensive sustainability policy.

Accenture wins Salesforce partner of the year award for cloud-based solution to help Regions Bank enhance PPP loans

Accenture delivered a solution powered by Salesforce within eight weeks to support a national program to help keep small businesses open amid the pandemic.

Accenture launches vaccine management solution to support COVID-19 immunization programs

Comprehensive vaccine management solution to help government and healthcare organizations rapidly and effectively plan and develop COVID-19 vaccination programs. Includes components built on the Salesforce platform.

Accenture awards grant to Merivis, a veterans service nonprofit, to provide Salesforce training to military veterans and spouses

We are proud to help upskill and re-skill U.S. military veterans as they transition to the civilian workforce.