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Reinvent the enterprise with generative AI

Why generative AI matters


of organizations expect gen AI to be transformative but only 31% have invested significantly


say at least half their workers have received AI training but only 5% have reached the full workforce


of CXOs say data readiness is the top challenge with applying generative AI


Only 2% of companies have identified as having fully operationalized Responsible AI across their organization, with a further 31% expected to do so in the next 18 months

How we see generative AI

  • Responsible AI
    Rethinking responsibility with generative AI

    Powerful AI tools like generative AI bring unprecedented opportunities as well as massive new risks. Responsible AI requires taking intentional actions to design, deploy and use AI to create value and build trust while protecting from potential AI risks.

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  • European Union AI Act
    Are you ready for regulated AI?

    The EU AI Act will be the most comprehensive AI legislation in the world to date. And it will have critical implications for all multinational organizations. The Act’s reach will extend globally. Any organization that develops or deploys AI systems within the EU will need to comply.

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  • Secure gen AI
    Safeguard against gen AI-powered attacks and protect AI landscapes

    Cybercriminals are using gen AI-powered attacks, like ransomware and phishing, to target organizations. To address these attacks and to accelerate the adoption of gen AI, organizations need to update their security posture and embed security by design.

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  • Gen AI in marketing and sales
    Marketing, sales and services powered by Gen AI

    Although 50%-70% of the immediate opportunity to create value with generative AI is estimated to lie in the customer space, it’s hard to know where to start or where to prioritize investment, much less how to scale it to drive growth.

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What you can do

Shift from siloed use-cases to a value-led approach across the enterprise value chain. Prioritize two types of investments simultaneously: table stakes use cases that achieve radical efficiency, and strategic bets that offer truly novel advantage.

Elevate enterprise IT for the AI era with a strong, secure digital core that includes a modern data foundation, flexible AI architecture and AI-ready applications. Make informed choices on foundation model selection and ecosystem partners.

People are the key to unlocking AI value. Invest as much in people as technology. Adapt operating models for new ways of working. Put talent development at the forefront. Commit to continuous learning at all levels to maximize the potential of AI.

Establish responsible AI principles. Define the intentional actions needed to design, deploy, and use AI responsibly. Implement technology that enables those actions systematically to drive value while managing AI risks.

Embrace generative AI reinvention as a continuous strategy. Define a modular, step-by-step approach to innovation, allocating capital, time and talent over multiple years.

What you’ll achieve

AI implementation

From road mapping to implementation, our generative AI services consider every aspect of your business for successful AI adoption.

Business optimization

Innovate faster, improve productivity, and reduce costs using our prebuilt, functional AI solutions.