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Media consulting

Media & Entertainment Spotlight: Issue 5

Rediscover your purpose

Media strategies for an atomized, multidimensional landscape

Reinvent for growth

Accenture explores insights from 6,000 consumers to help M&E executives understand the changing media landscape and need for M&E reinvention.


Intelligent advertising services

Accenture’s comprehensive intelligent advertising services can help you grow your advertising business effectively and profitably – at scale.

OpenAP. TV's advanced audience platform

OpenAP is the television industry’s first open platform for cross-publisher audience targeting and independent posting.

Multimedia advertising platform

The Accenture Multimedia Advertising Platform empowers companies to move from a media-driven to a result-oriented advertising approach.

Digital video solutions

Enabling content creators, broadcasters, operators and communication service providers to translate vision into value.

Case studies

Empowering film creatives with digital twins

Walt Disney Studios’ StudioLAB and Accenture created digital twinning tools to support the next generation of filmmaking.

On the fast track to success

Formula 1® teamed up with Accenture to relaunch F1® TV, a cloud-based video experience to deliver great content to a much higher number of fans.

Globo: A broadcaster’s sequel

Globo teamed up with Accenture to implement its transformation journey into a mediatech company.

Future-forward learning and media company

Sanoma uses a multi-cloud strategy to accelerate innovation in learning solutions.

Media and entertainment industry news