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Future of Nordic grocery retail

August 16, 2021


In brief

Covid-19 is transforming Nordic grocery shopping

Future of Nordic grocery retail


of Nordic grocery shoppers would spend >5% more for sustainable options and would welcome initiatives that reduce plastic packaging and food waste, or offer a wider range of local or organic products.


of consumers are either bored or confused by current loyalty schemes. Younger shoppers seek programs that offer flexible, tailored experiences that would help them achieve their personal goals.

The future is omnichannel

Digital customer experience review


Make it easy to be a sustainable customer!

Customers are willing to invest in sustainable produce. It is essential that Nordic grocery retailers invest in making it easy to be a sustainable consumer.


Don't forget the single households!

The Nordic has more than 40% single households. Retailers that can deliver cost-efficient services to smaller households can expect an improved marked position.

Re-define what convenience means!

Customer shopping varies as much online as they do in stores. The digital experience needs to cater for those needs with a wide product offering and delivery services.

Focus on data driven customer insights to build value and increase loyalty

Inspire customers, help them set and achieve personal goals, offer services that they value to build an emotional connection.

Remember your App

Investments in in-store technology that enables customers to use the app to navigate stores, find products and pay in a seamless way and eliminate steps like queuing and check-outs.

Josefin Meyer


Kaia Hillier



Celia Romaniuk

Managing Director – Design Experiences

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Nordic Retail and E-commerce Lead


Senior Strategy Manager – Customer & Growth


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