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Free your data to grow your business with OSDU™ Data Platform

September 15, 2021


In brief

A new kind of data platform enters the scene

1. Direct infrastructure cost savings

Driven by data storage efficiencies and duplication avoidance.

2. Application and data management efficiencies

Arise when data across domains can be stitched together and managed in an industrialized way.

3. New operational workflows and a closed loop

Eliminate mapping and modeling redundancies, and also enable operators to quickly respond to market signals and take actions to adjust production.

Key considerations

Our analysis shows operators can achieve 5 to 15 percentage points increase in return on capital employed (ROCE).

Make the move


the current state of data in the organization, user requirements and business goals to determine the organization’s readiness for the move.


a new data future and set a vision for what they want to achieve. The strategy for business growth should dictate the strategy for data utilization.


for the migration to the OSDU Data Platform and establish an integrated, end-to-end environment that fully empowers and leverages the new platform's capabilities.


ecosystem partners wisely when building out the OSDU Data Platform's application and integration layers.


the migration to the OSDU Data Platform within a single domain, evaluate progress and expand from there.

Liberate innovation by liberating data

About the Authors

Emma Wild

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Energy

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