Competitive Agility

In a hyper-competitive landscape, how do you gain competitive advantage in the now, the new and the unknown?

What It Is

Companies that achieve mastery of competitive agility execute with equal strength across growth, profitability, and sustainability and trust.

Why It Matters

Companies must manage the core to maximize investment for the new and fundamentally re-align resources for growth.

Where It's Going

Competitive agility is demanded from the outside and driven from the inside. Leaders who act with speed and confidence turn disruption into opportunity.

Zero-Based Transformation

Transformation starts at zero with rethinking priorities, resetting cost structures and redeploying resources to fuel growth today.

Zero-based transformation: The big reset

Accenture outlines how zero-based transformation enables companies to reimagine the business, reset cost base and invest in new...

The Big Zero

The book, The Big Zero, shows how to imbue an organization with a Zero-based Mindset to achieve startup speed at enterprise scale.

Solving for liquidity, profitability and value

Discover the five key financial levers to outmaneuver uncertainty.

Optimizing business & operating models

Disruptive strategies require execution in perpetual motion, optimizing business and operating models through ecosystems and technology.

The resilient operating model

Building organizational agility and resiliency to respond to continuously changing markets and customer behaviors.

Why agile teaming is not enough to win

To make the leap to enterprise agility, companies need to tackle legacy technology. Kent McMillan recommends how to address this elephant in the room.

Fueling recovery

Leaders have the opportunity to leverage fiscal support to rebuild business, accelerate digital transformation and transform society.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions help you pivot fast, but it's unchartered territory. We can help you stay on course to drive strategic value from your pursuits.

Here’s why tech is so important to the M&A genome

Accenture shares why a holistic approach to technology is essential to maximizing value in merger and acquisition deals.

Building M&A strength

Companies that regularly flex their M&A muscle often outperform the market. Find out what serial dealmakers are doing right.

Merging M&A and cloud journeys

Accenture report discusses the benefits of merging cloud and merger & acquisition journeys.


We embed sustainability into everything we do and with everyone we work with.

Measuring sustainability. Creating value

Accenture highlights how leaders can manage and measure sustainable performance for long-term value and impact.

Striking balance with whole-brain leadership

Disruptive impacts on the C-suite are growing. A new response from leaders is needed. Only 8% employ a whole-brain approach today.

Uniting technology and sustainability

Technology is key to achieving ESG goals such as reaching Net Zero emissions and creating a sustainable value chain.

The human shift

Adding a human-centered approach to business enables companies to remain agile in an unpredictable modern world.

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