Insurance carriers are finding ways to become more efficient and relevant to customer’s needs in light of increasing competition and industry disruption. A leading global financial services group, which specializes in life and health insurance and wealth management, knew it was time for change. Part of a multi-year transformation, it sought to deliver a world-leading insurance and wealth management customer experience. A key part was changing the way the company operated.

Agile offers a new approach to work, one that enables continuous improvement and collaboration between IT and other business areas. It removes siloes and improves productivity. Agile can also improve employee engagement and help financial services companies attract and retain talent.

As an experienced agile transformation partner for global financial services companies, Accenture agreed to help our client meet its ambitious target of running 20 percent of all IT projects with Agile in less than a year.

Strategy and solution

Our agile transformation approach is tailored to encourage engagement and build adoption within each organization. For this insurance and wealth management client, we piloted Agile across four countries in its Asia region. The project involved three levels of stakeholder engagement, generating an evolving, practical playbook that clearly defines the company’s Agile practice.


300 senior leaders received hands-on training and coaching.

Project-level coaching

Product owners, scrum masters and business analysts received special coaching to increase skills and develop self-sufficiency.

Change management

To make Agile stick and improve familiarity with the process, teams were led through initiatives, such as 30-day challenges and brown bag sessions.

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Through our work together, the client is ready to scale its agile transformation globally. Leaders at all levels of the organization are pursuing continuous release goals, and new projects are being launched in new countries. Productivity has increased significantly thanks to improved communication between IT and the rest of the business, and the client is making the training materials we provided available to its teams around the world.

Agile training has been rolled out across the client’s organization, and is already leading to increased productivity and collaboration.


Projects the client has been coached through.


People have received Agile training.


Employees are actively involved in Agile delivery.

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