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INTIENT Research

Our vision for research transformation

Driving innovation in research

Secure collaborative environment

Provide researchers with access to third party software, content and services via an Accenture-managed environment.

Multi-tenant cloud platform

Bring together core research informatics capabilities to support pharmaceutical research development through an open, standards-based cloud platform.

Rapid application development and deployment

Deploy and integrate next-generation capabilities rapidly to keep pace with changing science, capitalizing on the platform economy.

Ecosystem approach

Connect researchers and software and service providers through an ecosystem environment to share data and advance science.

Advanced decision support

Implement a new model for scientific workflow management, data aggregation, and decision support.

Global data accessibility and management

Access powerful on-demand computing and processing that provide near real-time analytics.

Research collaboration unlocked

INTIENT Research for Life Sciences

Our leaders

Mark Fish

Managing Director – Accenture Scientific Informatics Services, Global Lead

Anthony Romito

Managing Director – Life Sciences, INTIENT and Patient Services, Global



One comprehensive technology platform to master the flow of data.

INTIENT Clinical

Deliver data transparency for faster clinical trials with easy access to information and new strategic decision-making capabilities

INTIENT Pharmacovigilance

Embed real-time AI, machine learning, robotic process automation and advanced scientific analytics


Better support patients from clinical trials through ongoing treatment and wellness programs.

Accenture Scientific Informatics Services

Revolutionize how scientific and laboratory processes are conducted through our combination or scientific expertise and global consulting capabilities.


Providing the right level of partnership to enable access to innovation for INTIENT Platform users.


INTIENT Unify Cell & Gene

Accelerating and streamlining Cell & Gene Therapy enrollment and coordination across the entire patient journey.