Migrate and optimize on AWS–with confidence. Now.

Modernize your IT estate on AWS’s leading cloud platform and maximize the benefits of your cloud journey with Accenture.

Accenture and AWS for your Cloud Migration Journey

Our one-of-a-kind partnership delivers at speed, precision, and confidence bringing the best of AWS's services and Accenture's unparalleled talent, resources and experience. Read more.

Depth of experience

  • 13-year partnership.
  • 1000+ projects together
  • 100, 000+ workloads on AWS cloud.
  • 25,000+ trained AWS cloud resources.
  • 10,000+ AWS certifications.
  • 600 AWS Cloud Managed Services clients.

Committed to Cloud

  • 99% of our IT operating in the cloud.
  • $3B investment in Cloud First program.

Speed and precision

  • 40 accelerators and solutions across 16+ industries.
  • Analytics, automation, and AI drive agility, lower costs, and improve service levels.

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Video interviews with Accenture and AWS

Accenture AWS Business Group

Partnering for the Public Sector UK - Accenture and AWS

Accenture | AWS

The need for rapid migration–a business imperative

Aligning business & IT when migrating to the cloud

Aligning business & IT when migrating to the cloud

Migrate and optimize on AWS-with confidence. Now

Our Accelerators

By leveraging the power of AWS and Cloud, Accenture has created tools and accelerators that bring precision, speed, and scale to cloud migrations projects.

Accelerate for Cloud (A4C)

Accenture's state of the art migration factory automates 50% of common tasks and has been able to migrate up to 1,200+ workloads/month.

Data Lake Accelerator for AWS

Accenture accelerators for large data migrations provide 30% faster data transfer of large data sets to the AWS Cloud.

Secure Cloud Foundation for AWS

Provides the most flexible security model for AWS with 90% of secure cloud foundational resources defined in templates.

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Impact across your business

Our deep migration expertise and the robust AWS cloud platform has allowed us to create real value for our joint migration customers.


Reduction in total cost of ownership with reduced Opex and Capex.


Increase in staff productivity.


Faster business response times.


Service reliability with AWS.

Accelerating to cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS is one of the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective paths to migrate VMware workloads to the cloud. While retaining investments in existing tools and skill sets, clients can accelerate modernization in the cloud, with benefits that include:

  • 479% estimated five-year ROI by reducing overall operational costs and time needed to set up and maintain infrastructure
  • Up to 46% faster cloud migrations
  • 76% reduction in unplanned downtime with better availability and fewer issues with applications

Accenture has more than 5,400 VMware skilled resources, 800+ VMware certifications, and 400 VMware Cloud on AWS migration specialists.


The power of three – Takeda, Accenture and AWS

Learn what happens when you bring together the scientific know how of a global biopharmaceutical powerhouse, Takeda, a leading cloud services provider, AWS, and Accenture’s ability to innovate, execute and deliver innovation in the cloud.

Case studies

After streamlining systems and facilities with cloud, manufacturer LU-VE Group is now poised to bring new products faster to market at 30% lower cost.

Del Monte Foods, Inc. transforms its IT infrastructure and transitions to public cloud.

MONETA Money Bank transitions to a new, secure cloud-based infrastructure.

California is moving from three legacy integrated eligibility systems to a single statewide, cloud-based application

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Over a decade of partnership

Accenture’s partnership with AWS goes back over 13 years. Accenture and AWS have perfected accelerators and toolsets to drive agility, lower costs, and improve service levels.


Accenture’s myNav®, Accelerate for Cloud, myWizard ® and Accenture Cloud Platform accelerate migrations at scale; our analytics, automation, and AI drives agility and lowers costs.


AWS boasts near-100 percent accuracy and uptime and near-zero downtime, while Accenture managed services give businesses the ultimate peace of mind.


Our cloud migrations help customers meet their sustainability targets and bring the best across Infrastructure as a Service, Architecture, and Engineering.

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Migrate into the Future with AWS and Accenture

The Accenture AWS Business Group, AABG, is what happens when you create a customer obsessed team of innovators from a leader in cloud, with a leader in global services. We at AABG are ready to help our client maximize the benefits of cloud by migrating, modernizing and optimizing better than anyone else on the cloud.

Accelerating your data lake journey

Sophisticated data analytics capabilities are increasingly feasible and scalable, aided by new cloud infrastructures. That’s important to SAP enterprise customers who are looking for ways to gain more value, faster, from both SAP and non-SAP application data. Many customers are looking into enterprise-wide data lakes for help, but often face significant obstacles such as complex skills requirements and configuration complications. A data lake accelerator can help companies meet the challenges of implementing data lakes rapidly and cost-effectively.

Accelerating your data journey

What we think

Accenture is proud to announce that we are now one of AWS' mainframe competency partners

US Dept. of Ed. worked with Accenture and AWS to reduce costs, increase agility and security by migrating a mainframe solution to AWS GovCloud.

Most companies continue to struggle to realize full business value from their cloud initiatives, Accenture report finds

One in four organizations are hindered by unexpected complications with cloud migrations

Takeda Accelerates Digital Transformation with Accenture and AWS

Takeda, Accenture and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have entered into a five-year strategic agreement to accelerate Takeda’s digital transformation.