Ignite growth with a future-ready B2B sales engine

B2B buying has transformed. The keys to sustainable, profitable growth and sales effectiveness are human ingenuity + digital innovation.

Human ingenuity + digital innovation

SynOps for Digital Inside Sales

The goal: Profitable sustainable growth

SynOps for Sales Operations

Mia, AI for smarter selling

OneGlass: Aggregate customer data in a single view

Better customer & seller experiences—at scale

B2B buying is inherently complex and today’s customers have changed. They want you to know them, meet them in their channel of choice and offer tailored solutions to meet their needs.

But to do this, businesses need a new, future-ready model. One that can operate and respond to a constantly evolving customer journey, blending evaluation, marketing, sales, and customer success and retention. And one that can support sellers by optimizing the entire sales process.

Accenture Sales Services & Operations helps organizations deliver better customer and seller experiences at scale, from end to end. By leveraging Digital Inside Sales and Sales Operations—both powered by SynOps—organizations can have the sales resources they need to drive sustainable, profitable growth.

How future-ready sales organizations drive top-line transformational value, by enhancing customer and employee experiences.

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How we help our clients

Sales Services & Operations connects the dots across the front office: Sales, marketing, and customer success and support. We help businesses cohesively sell to customers of all sizes in all geographies, while empowering and optimizing customer engagement at scale.

Advanced capabilities

Sales Services & Operations accelerates your path to predictable revenue growth and increased profitability by combining modern solution selling, advanced technology fueled by data and insights, and agile sales operating models.

Sustainable growth, delivered

Our Sales Services & Operations blends people and technology to help businesses drive growth, tap new revenue streams and create efficiencies within their sales organizations.

Case Studies

A multinational tech company unlocks big revenues with a rapid pilot approach to selling cloud services.

A global networking technology company creates a new GTM to transform customer experience.

A mobility and delivery platform unlocks over $85 million through sales talent and data-driven insights.

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