Payments Market Infrastructure

Payments providers can lay the base for open, efficient and secure systems that enable innovative payments experiences.

Payments Market Infrastructure capabilities

We support banks and operators in simplifying and integrating payments systems toward open and agile frameworks.

Develop strategy

With insight-backed tools, we help strategize on vision, investment priorities, technology, project alignment, timing and ecosystem collaborations.

Define roadmap

Our people and methods assist in plotting out smart IT paths to lay the foundation for modern payments infrastructures and growth.

Develop services

This involves the build, test and run of new and efficient digital-backed payments services that generate revenue.

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Go higher, do more

Banks face an imminent need to upgrade their payments infrastructure. What’s compelling it? Rising end-user expectations, alternative payment networks and evolving developments such as the UK’s New Payments Architecture, RTGS renewal for higher-value payments and increased adoption of the ISO 20022 standard, typically driven by governments, central banks, regulators or banks’ networks.

Compelled as they are by competitive and disruptive forces, it would be shrewd for banks to take this opportunity to build payments platforms that are grounded in the future. Infusing innovations—like cloud, digital currency, biometric authentication and AI—into these platforms will enable modern, compliant, more secure payments that meet buyers’ expectations.

We assist banks in modernizing their payments platforms. By going higher and doing more, they can create efficient clearing and settlement systems that enable open, innovative and secure payments experiences.

What we think

New Accenture research highlights how payments leaders outgrow the competition in the face of disruption and evolving customer needs. 

As Open Banking apps, initiatives and APIs gather momentum, a new Accenture report details how banks can lead in the open data economy.

This report lays out the hurdles banks must clear on their migration to ISO 20022.

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