Driving resilience with cyber digital twins

Our Security Technology Vision 2021 report explores how to use intelligent cyber digital twins to seize the upper hand against escalating cyberattacks.

Security leaders can begin using the technology innovation today to:


existing security practices without touching production environments by simulating attacks and their impact on business processes.


the security-by-design mindset across the enterprise and unlock new opportunities for growth across business ecosystems and domains.


security approaches and prepare to secure the fully interconnected Mirrored World to come—including data and how its structured.

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A sandbox for security innovations

With intelligent cyber digital twins, you can start meeting critical enterprise requirements now, including forecasting and managing IT and OT security, and cloud application security across a range of use cases.

Your security teams will be able to construct a twin of the attack surface, mimic adversarial movements and assess the risk to business processes using what-if scenarios, predictive analytics and prioritized actions. It’s a proactive move toward intelligent defense.

"Intelligent cyber digital twins are a catalyst for the security industry to shift from reactive to resilient, from singular to collaborating forces of preventive security defense measures across a digital ecosystem."

– LISA O'CONNOR, Managing Director – Accenture Security, Cybersecurity R&D, Accenture Labs

Continuously improve scope and scale of security

Longer term, you can use intelligent cyber digital twins to improve your approach to the early stages of system, application and data design. This includes ensuring the security architecture and subsequent controls will deliver the required security for business resilience and agility.

Simulation capabilities built into the twins will give your cyber defenders a superpower, boosting their readiness according to the defended targets, complexity of the cyberattack surface, and other risk assessment algorithms.


of surveyed CSOs and CISOs across industries are already applying some form of digital twin technology in their security programs for prediction, extracting insights, simulation or testing.


of security leaders expect their organization’s investment in intelligent digital twins to increase over the next three years.


of security officers agree that AI combined with digital twins will allow their organizations to scale up defenses and situational awareness in ways that are not otherwise possible.

Innovate with intelligent cyber digital twins

To provide critical agility to the business for the future Mirrored World, you must start embedding security intelligence into the core management of your enterprise’s digital twins now. This includes continually securing how they work, think and manage sensitive data.

One solution lies in a flexible “mesh” of integrated and intelligent digital twins— with each data node encapsulated securely, creating data building blocks that are secure by design. This approach would help to ensure trusted collaboration, plus endless scaling and permutations of data interactions.

Begin shifting from reactive to resilient today

Don’t waste a second: Secure your existing portfolio of digital twins now across the enterprise while taking steps to add intelligent cyber digital twins. See our Decision Points in the report to answer three key questions:

  1. Where is your enterprise with digital twin usage today?
  2. What should your company do to increase security effectiveness internally and across your business ecosystem?
  3. How should your company secure the Mirrored World?

About the Authors

Lisa O’Connor

Managing Director – Accenture Security and Accenture Labs, Cybersecurity R&D Lead

Marc Carrel-Billiard

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Technology Innovation and Accenture Labs

Ethan Hadar

Chief Research Officer – Accenture Labs, Europe


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