In brief

In brief

  • Guide the deal not just the configuration.
  • Greatly improve the customer experience by guiding the deal across five dimensions: solution, pricing, terms and conditions, supply chain and renewal.
  • Increase your value case for CPQ transformation and broaden your stakeholder buy-in.

The risk of disruption is often what holds back company-wide buy-in of Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) transformation initiatives. The key to increasing the value case for a CPQ transformation is guiding the deal, not just the configuration. This will significantly improve customer experience and broaden stakeholder buy-in.

The five dimensions

Instead of just guiding the solution configuration, CPQ can guide the broader deal across five dimensions: solution, pricing, terms and conditions, supply chain and renewal.

Guide the solution

Hiding engineering complexity behind a guided experience, making the experience about the seller/buyer, not the engineer.

Guide the pricing

Providing guidance on the right price for a specific transaction, improving the experience and reducing friction between sellers and deal approvers.

Guide the terms and conditions

Enabling greater automation of downstream processes such as renewals, amendments, and cancellations.

Guide the supply chain

Integrating CPQ data into the supply chain planning processes to provide insights into what is quoted and what products and services are being sold.

Guide the renewal

Automate renewal processes, conduct white space analysis, and increase renewal sales while reducing operational costs.

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Keeping the guidance relevant

For all these types of guidance to be effective, they need to stay relevant to changing business conditions and specific customer needs; and using AI and rules-based guidance is the best way to assure that. In addition, CPQ guidance often fails when it is over-engineered, presenting users with too many choices; for this reason, the CPQ design needs to be experience led, based on a vision of the customer experience that incorporates the required guidance at the right time without overwhelming the sales team.

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Brice Rey-Herme

Managing Director, Practice Lead – Accenture CMT Q2C

Anthony Milani

Managing Director, Practice Lead – Accenture's Global Emerging Business


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