A new retail business on express delivery

Enabling Føtex home delivery
See how we helped Denmark's largest grocery retailer roll out a brand-new delivery service, mid-pandemic. With Føtex home delivery, shoppers perused familiar shelves, planned meals, and purchased groceries from their homes—serving up both convenience and safety in record time.

Call for change

When pandemic restrictions hit Denmark, the nation’s oldest grocery retailer, Salling Group, was compelled to launch a digitally enabled home delivery model, maximizing convenience for customers who could no longer frequent its physical Føtex stores. What did that entail? New buildings, a massive recruitment drive, a new fleet of refrigerated vehicles, and a website and app built on Salling Group's existing technology stack.

And to meet urgent needs, the company massively condensed the project’s timeline, becoming a lifeline to millions of families and ushering in a new age of digital growth.

When tech meets human ingenuity

Salling Group introduced a delivery service for its Føtex brand in Copenhagen, at the pace of pandemic-inspired change. Accenture helped with UX design, journey mapping, and a front-end build for digital touchpoints to create a “minimal lovable product” that would recreate the comforts of the in-person grocery shopping experience, coupled with unparalleled convenience.

The website and app went beyond basics to offer user-friendly shopping lists and a recipe curation option capable of suggesting ingredient swaps for carbon offset. Accenture’s experts were involved in the end-to-end delivery of the service, guiding a sound operational approach focused on customer experience.

A valuable difference

Salling Group debuted its new business in just 10 months, and pandemic-era customers eagerly embraced the new service. Throughout the build, the Accenture team focused on a design and front-end experience that would delight and satisfy customers, drawing on extensive experience with global food brands and technology.

Salling Group’s customer-centric digital shopping experience now brings everything shoppers love about Føtex straight to the front porch.

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