Accenture engagement at G20 Saudi Arabia 2020

The G20 brings together the world's major economies to develop global policies that can address today’s most pressing socioeconomic and financial challenges.

With a vision to better economic cooperation, the G20 policy development process involves governments and stakeholders from the private and third sectors. The G20 engagement groups are: B20, C20, L20, S20, T20, W20, Y20, and U20.

Under the Saudi presidency, the G20 focuses on the 3 overarching themes people, planet and new frontiers.
The Leaders’ Summit will take place in November 21st and 22nd, 2020.

Accenture is committed since 2010 to the enhancement of global dialogue supporting the B20, W20 and other engagement groups. We are positioned as the Knowledge Partner of choice for civil society representatives. We provide a mix of policy development and stakeholders management with a consulting and research team specialized in G20 processes.



New heights reached together with G20

Saudi Arabia is marking a momentous commitment to its vision for the future by hosting the G20 Summit for the first time. We are supporting G20 Saudi Arabia’s initiatives to help tackle humanity’s most significant challenges to ensure:

  • Long term social development
  • Economic sustainability

Knowledge partner for B20 taskforces

Accenture is honored to support in policy development, research and consulting for some of the most pressing issues in the business world. Our aim, together with B20 to help create a brighter and more sustainable future of work. We are a part of the following task forces:

  • Future of Work & Education
  • Women in Business

Overall knowledge partner for W20

We provide a mix of policy development, stakeholders management and PMO skills and a team with experience in G20, research and consulting for the following taskforces:

  • Financial Inclusion
  • Work Inclusion
  • Digital Inclusion
  • Inclusive Decision making

Policy development partner for S20

We are supporting S20 with the development of

  • Taskforce Policy Papers,
  • Providing thought leadership,
  • Subject Matter Experts content moderation,
  • Conducting surveys,
  • Research, interviews,
  • Meeting facilitation.
  • Provide taskforce PMO services through liaising with the S20 Chair, Sherpa and Advocacy Chair

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Our thought leadership

Read Accenture and Alnahda Society’s latest joint report on women in the Saudi workplace.

We are pleased to partner up with Alnadha Society, the official host organization for this year’s W20, to unearth the pent-up potential of Saudi women in the country’s workforce. The research identifies a range of factors—encompassing leadership behaviors, workplace policies and employee experience of their working environment—which unlock could human and organizational potential in KSA.


The report sets out 10 recommendations that if fully committed to by the G20, could accelerate progress by up to 59 years.

Build back better for women

Gianmario Pisanu at the G20 Saudi Arabia

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