Istvan Agoston

Digital Tech Developer Associate


"It was a great experience to work with both hardware and software, the wiring, the data refinement and the design part of these demo projects."

What I do

My story with Accenture started with their scholarship program, which was a great motivator for me to get the best out of my state exam project. After finishing University, I was invited here by a friend, and entered a learning program called MES Academy.

During this we have learned the basics of automatizing a factory. For me, the two major factors in choosing a company were the community and the diversity in tasks. After the Academy, I started to work on demo projects with the so-called Demo Team.

We put together and set up demo screens, mini injection molding machines and water pumps. It was a great feeling to see our work, as people who just started at the company, being presented to business people, and having it on video. Alongside the technical growth, we have also received soft-skill training regarding our communication skills.

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A day in my life

As for you and everyone else, my day starts by waking up, doing my morning routine, and then heading to Accenture. Having some conversations on my way, as well as at the workplace, is a great way to wake up completely, and to get my mind focused, as well. With my team, we are constantly tackling down challenges and bugs, so at the end of the day we always have something to be proud of. On the late afternoon, I mostly go out with friends to various events, be it sports, theatre, or just a delicious cup of coffee.

I was able to get into a program here at Accenture which taught me how to coach people, and I was able to make friends from even Germany and Italy. Also, I was able to participate a public speaking competition here, and had an awesome time.

"With my team, we are constantly tackling down challenges and bugs."

My advice

For you who is reading it, my advice is to consciously format your habits to reach your life’s mini goals. This might mean that in order to get into a better shape, you first must wake up every day one hour earlier, or that you create a habit of spending 10 minutes a day to read the financial news, so you can get a clear picture when investing. Whatever it is, most likely your habits are going to take you there, unless of course you win the lottery, but even then, it’s the result of you always buying a ticket! (don’t buy lottery)

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