The Future Home in the 5G Era combines original research from Accenture with practical insights and examples, showing how the intelligently orchestrated Future Home – enabled by 5G, AI, edge computing, eSIM and other technologies – can yield economic success for businesses.

The Future Home’s powerful services ecosystem will be a quantum leap from today's fragmented smart home technology, effectively extending the boundaries of the home even beyond the traditional bounds of the physical, to ultimately make consumers feel 'at home' anywhere.



New from Accenture: The Future Home in the 5G Era

Next generation strategies for hyper-connected living. See how the intelligently orchestrated Future Home can yield economic success.

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The Future Home in the 5G Era will harmonize network connectivity, devices, platform solutions and data to seamlessly predict customer needs and extend the boundaries of where we live, making us feel at home anywhere.

— Jefferson Wang, Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Communications, Media and Technology

The multi-billion-dollar Future Home market is a massive opportunity for businesses, especially CSPs, to develop new business models and become competitively agile platform-based innovators.

— George Nazi, Senior Managing Director – Accenture, Communications, Media and Technology

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"This book takes an in-depth look at one of the most fascinating challenges of today: It sheds light on the emergence of a radical new experience of home driven by new technologies such as 5G, AI, eSIM and edge computing. And by using a powerful mix of real-life examples, strategic frameworks and thought-leading themes, it brings some great new insights for business leaders in the ecosystem connected to the Future Home. A must-read."

Vinod Kumar, CEO, Vodafone Business

"As new technologies such as 5G and others disrupt our daily life - including our homes - this book shines new light on how communications service providers can thrive and grow in a landscape full of opportunities but also full of competitors pushing from many sides. It is an inspiring roadmap for leaders to do the right strategic steps into the promising era of the Future Home."

Mari-Noëlle Jégo-Laveissière, Deputy CEO/Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Orange Group

"An inspiring book that helps industry leaders to finally capture the opportunity of the fast-growing Future Home market. The authors provide great insights about the impediments and challenges of the Future Home market as well as a practical guide on how to resolve them."

Dr. Dirk Wössner, Member of the Board of Management, Deutsche Telekom/Managing Director, Telekom Germany

"Unfulfilled promise or future revolution – the connected home remained an enigma until the appearance of this analysis. The authors make a compelling case that cloud and 5G connectivity will ultimately deliver the seamless platform play the world is waiting for. And in delivering this message they sparkle with ideas and innovative concepts – small wonder given their collective entrepreneurial, corporate, tech and multi-industry experience."

Jens Schulte-Bockum, COO, MTN Group

"The Future Home in the 5G Era comes at an opportune time, as science and new digital technologies unleash disruptive change across all fronts, transforming the (digital) lives of almost every individual: as private person, as customer, as manager, as citizen or in other roles and function. An inspiring book - with fascinating stories, well researched, clearly explained."

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Boris Otto, Managing
Director, Fraunhofer ISST (Institute
for Software and Systems Engineering)

"This is an inspiring book on how we can understand the emergence of a new experience of home and on how companies can seize the enormous business opportunities connected to this new experience. New perspectives, fresh concepts, unexpected ideas abound. The Future Home in the 5G Era is a ground-breaking book."

Ben Verwaayen, ex CEO BT Group,

"A comprehensive, well-written book on the impact of new technologies such as 5G on the rapidly evolving Future Home. With a smart strategic framework complemented by compelling real-life examples and use cases, this book is an inspirational call-to-action."

Eric Bruno, Senior Vice President of 5G, Content and Connected Home Products, Rogers Communications

"The Future Home in the 5G Era gives executives a language and a framework to determine how they will evolve their products, services and strategies to flourish and innovate in a large, fast growing market."

Clive Selley, CEO, Openreach

"The Future Home in the 5G Era brings some great new insights into the new hyper-connected home environment in which devices and apps will work together seamlessly to respond and anticipate customers’ needs. With grounded research and innovative ideas, this book makes a stringent case for business leaders in any sector relevant to the emerging Future Home market with its enormous new opportunities. A must-read."

Babak Fouladi, Member of Board/Chief Technology and Digital Officer, KPN Group

"The nature and experience of home is fundamentally changing with 5G. Well researched and with concrete suggestions on 5G implementation, this valuable guide will help firms and leaders seize the opportunities of an emerging multi-billion-dollar market: The Future Home in the 5G era."

Igor Leprince, Chair, WM5G Board

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The Future Home in the 5G Era The Future Home in the 5G Era