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Working with Medical Technology companies to develop solutions across the patient’s entire healthcare journey.

Transforming MedTech

In MedTech, the when, where, and how of care is changing. Patients receive medical care and health data multiple times a day rather than once or twice a year. With telehealth and remote monitoring, doctors of all fields can better administer care outside of traditional clinical settings. And thanks to wearable technology, patients are able to view and track their medical data and adjust their treatments and behaviors as they do.

The global MedTech market is on growing rapidly and so is digital health. But this growth requires change. For years, the MedTech industry has successfully brought new products to market through innovative science and engineering that has significantly improved our lives. But today, patients’ and healthcare provider expectations are evolving and increasing, and the high growth of the market has attracted tech giants who are looking to expand their business leveraging their technology in new ways that will have significant disruptive impact on the traditional MedTech players. The trends are not going away, and MedTech needs to redefine its positions in the ecosystem and ultimately be proactive in helping the Healthcare industry evolve.


Technology Vision 2022 for MedTech

In this year’s Tech Vision, where we surveyed 100 MedTech Executives 91% of MedTech executives believe the Metaverse will have a positive impact on their organizations.

The Metaverse Continuum incorporates all digitally enhanced realities—both social and business-related. It creates opportunities for truly humanized digital MedTech ecosystems that meet customer needs across the value chain—manufacturing, sales, after-sales service, training, and supply chain management. A true opportunity to transform payer, provider, healthcare professional (HCP) and consumer experiences for improved patient care.

Our four tech trends reveal how new technology innovations like the Metaverse are reshaping the medical technology experiences of the future.


MedTech industry capabilities

Accenture’s MedTech practice offers a full range of solutions to care for patients across their entire healthcare journey.

R&D and innovation

Helping along the entire R&D value chain from ideation, research, product design & development to create smart and connected medical devices.

Medical, sales & marketing

Insight-driven approach providing comprehensive, end-to-end, digitally-enabled engagements which improves individual treatments and health outcomes.

Customer & technical services

Providing remote technical services, preventive maintenance, and customer self-service to optimize costs and increase efficiencies.

MedTech manufacturing and supply

Managing the entire product lifecycle of a system or product from its conception, design, manufacturing and supply.

Drive quality & regulatory services

Delivering future regulatory services and provide quality and regulatory support.

Corporate IT

Creating a flexible, lean and effective architecture using cloud computing, new generation applications and state of the art ERP solutions.

Future care & disruptive business models

Shifting from existing business models by adding digital services and enabling safe solutions that support the new continuum of care.

Operations & automation

Delivering intelligent health operations and automation that improve patient outcomes through business process, IT infrastructure and cloud services.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific & Accenture – The XR Journey

In this podcast, hear how Accenture, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Amazon Web Services co-created a management system model that houses, organizes and delivers 3D content at scale.

The experience renaissance in the MedTech industry

In this podcast, Matt Dobbin, Accenture’s Managing Director and MedTech Lead joins Bruce Holley, North American Customer sales and service lead, to discuss the business of experience in MedTech, “liquid expectations,” and how to thrive in this new environment.

The business of experience for a new MedTech


Fjord Trends 2021: 7 trends in 7 minutes


Four pressing questions the MedTech industry faces

As people expect more authentic connections and contextual experiences across their healthcare necessities – from what they need to where they seek medical care - MedTech companies can meet these new needs by thinking more strategically about business models enabled by a robust, connected technology platform.

Leader in MedTech innovation

The report, "Medical Devices Digital Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2020," analyzed 21 information technology (IT) service providers specific to the medical devices sector globally. These service providers were mapped on the Everest Group PEAK Matrix®, which is a composite index of a range of distinct metrics related to a provider’s capability and market impact.

Accenture's innovation focus with dedicated MedTech hubs and platform solutions such as the INTIENT patient and clinical platforms, coupled with its strong consulting-led approach, has helped it to earn large digital engagements with medical devices enterprises, as well as a Leader position in Everest Group’s Medical Devices Digital Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2020.


Integra’s digital transformation

Q&A with William Compton and Accenture’s Tim Durst.

Case studies

With data integration provided by Accenture, Roche's NAVIFY® Tumor Board is fundamentally changing the way tumor board meetings are organized and conducted.

Accenture supports forces with Siemens Healthineers in digitizing its customer service processes and facilitating seamless online interaction.

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Voices of life sciences

How to boost healthcare access and equity for all

Our Natasha Sunderji discusses how actions at the government policy level will be required to achieve equity healthcare for everyone.

Connected solutions for MedTech—bridging today to tomorrow

Adding connectivity to MedTech devices can improve health outcomes. Accenture’s Dr. Stefan Kalla discusses how.

New opportunities for pharma companies in digital health apps

60% of patients are willing to use technology more often for communication and disease management. Read the Accenture survey to find out more.

Accelerating growth through tech partnership 

Accenture explores how technology can dramatically accelerate progress in life sciences. 

APAC MedTech: How do we fill the talent gap?

Accenture's Debmalya Chatterjee was joined by panelists representing MedTech companies at the Asia Pacific MedTech Forum. Read on for key takeaways.

Orchestrating an omnichannel approach in MedTech

Accenture explores the various channels available to MedTech companies that can play a bigger or smaller part in the customer experience.

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Accenture named a Leader position in Everest Group’s Medical Devices Digital Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2020

Accenture is positioned as a Leader in medical devices digital services in a new report from independent research firm Everest Group.

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