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In brief

An evolution of engagement


Pharma companies need to do more to better understand and meet the expectations of HCPs due to COVID-19.


When pharma companies do more, they are recognized and rewarded by HCPs with more time and attention.


HCPs most value connections that blend the best of virtual and in-person, focused on the needs of their patients.

Sixty-five percent of HCPs feel at least one pharma company has “spammed” them with digital content as the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved.


of HCPs have seen a decrease in patient numbers over the past year.


have more capacity available than before COVID-19.

Eighty-eight percent of HCPs would be twice as likely to meet with other companies/reps if their best relationship was replicated.

Continuously challenge what defines relevance

84% of HCPs believe the content they are receiving from pharma companies today is more relevant than before the COVID-19 crisis.

Don’t view the field force as a separate channel

44% of HCPs said discussions with pharma representatives are the most dominant factors shaping their treatment decisions.

Minimize the content clutter

41% of HCPs said they would be more willing to open emails and listen to messages from a company if their best interaction was replicated.

Laura Dix

Managing Director – Life Sciences, United Kingdom

Suzy Jackson

Managing Director – Life Sciences

Ramon Pressburger

Managing Director – North America Lead and Strategy Lead, Global Life Sciences

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