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Cyber Risk Dashboard: Know what you don't know

Transforming cyber risk into a competitive advantage

About the Cyber Risk Dashboard

For financial services firms, cyber threats are evolving constantly. Hackers keep devising more sophisticated break-in strategies. Ransomware attacks—remember WannaCry?—are alarming risk leaders and business executives alike.

Cyber security is a pressing concern. But how can Chief Risk Officers (CROs) and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) anticipate unknown threats?

The cyber risk dashboard is a customizable resource that continuously identifies gaps in your cyber risk defenses.

It can assess how well your cyber risk strategy, practice and culture will hold up against known attacks, as well as unanticipated challenges.

Always learning, it incorporates the most current cyber security standards, offering infinite capacity for assessing cyber risk.

Do you speak business?

Business leaders, Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and board members are worried about cyber threats. But they often don't understand the technical aspects of cyber security―and they aren’t sure how to push forward.

The Cyber Risk Dashboard bridges this gap, equipping CROs and CISOs to engage leadership by reporting results in a language leaders understand. It aligns the technology conversation with the business's risk appetite and goals.

"The Acenture cyber risk dashboard speaks in business language, so leaders and board members can join CROs and CISOs in actively mapping a strong cyber security strategy."

Heather Adams
Managing Director
Cyber Risk & Resilience Lead, Uk
Accenture Finance & Risk

Complexity made simple

The Cyber Risk Dashboard taps a full range of sophisticated tools to help CROs, CISOs, business leaders and board executives navigate an evolving landscape. The tool is:

  • Comprehensive: Measures your ability to prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats, continually monitoring systems, infrastructure, processes and people across the enterprise. Backed by a Cyber Risk Library housing hundreds of applicable metrics.
  • Customizable: Can be tailored to meet a variety of industry standards. New metrics are easily added, but you don't have to use all available key performance indicators (KPIs)—just employ the ones you need.
  • Continuous: Uses ongoing curation and innovation to help keep your business secure making the dashboard future proof.
  • Quick: Rapid implementation, even in a complex, big data environment. It features a library of tried solution accelerators, based on Accenture's learnings from more than 100 deployments.
Finance and risk

Chart your course with confidence

The Cyber Risk Dashboard can help financial enterprises forge a clear path through an uncertain cyber security landscape.

Simple to use, but comprehensive, it distills KPIs and risk metrics into business-based, actionable risk management insights.


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