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Located in the heart of Milan’s Digital Innovation District, we help our clients imagine future scenarios in which humans will live, move and consume products and services. We create dynamic workshop sessions to explore how organizations can keep their brands relevant and remain vibrant into the future. We dig deep into market trends, consumer expectations and emerging technologies to help clients dramatically transform their businesses—and keep them competitive over the long term.


What we do

We take clients on a transformation journey, where inspirational customer experiences are front and center. We apply a data driven approach and new ways of working to take clients out of their comfort zone, boost their innovation and creative capabilities, and help them envision a new future. We bring our deep industry knowledge and experts to inspire them, and we leverage the power of our internal and external ecosystem to bring ideas to life.

We engage with clients to co-create solutions to the most challenging issues, incubate new concepts and progress them through applied R&D projects to actual outcomes with significant near-term impact. Focusing on rapid development and prototyping of applications and the creation of digital services, we provide clients with the ability to realize the future in real time. We are a catalyst to help client organizations become innovation engines for growth.

Where the future happens every day. accenture customer innovation network

How we do it

Inspiration and Visualization

We identify and anticipate game-changing business, industry and technology trends that will shape the next generation of experiences by:

  • Envision industries of the future in new and different ways.
  • Linking this business vision to strategic company goals.
  • Scouting new, emerging technologies that create business opportunities and help change the world.

Ventures and Collaborations

Using Accenture’s innovation architecture and vast ecosystem of innovation collaborators, we strategically partner clients with:

  • The most innovative start-ups.
  • Leading universities to access the best talent and researchers.
  • International leaders in digital technologies and innovative culture.
  • Digital giants and global leaders in innovation.


With a design thinking approach, we generate new ideas that rewrite conventional market rules and drive growth:

  • Turn ideas into reality.
  • Hackathon: connect developers, web designers and marketing specialists.
  • Fast prototyping to reach workable solution with minimum viable product.
  • Virtual reality testing by customer panels.

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The Metaverse Center

Leveraging on continuous market monitoring and analysis, we showcase the full value of metaverse in terms of opportunities, use cases, and demos. After educating and inspiring clients, we guide their entry into this new world with the best-fitting strategy, coherent with the brand’s values and overarching goals.

We can also take a leap into a hybrid reality, showing the immersive and engaging experiences we created inside Roblox and AltSpace universes. Clients will be inspired and experience first-hand the potential to this new way to see reality, in our physical spaces.

Meet the team

Maria Mazzone

ACIN Milan Lead


Federica Casucci

ACIN Milan Booking & Events Team Lead


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