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Sustainability in fashion

Scaling ESG solutions 2023 playbook

June 12, 2023 5-MINUTE READ


In brief

Driving value through sustainability in fashion

Moving the fashion industry forward with ESG

Carbon and Net Zero

Collaborating on solutions to achieve net zero and carbon reduction via facility improvement, virtual power purchase agreements, eliminating coal in manufacturing, and shifting to renewable electricity.

Materials, Regenerative Agriculture & Biodiversity

Scaling the availability and pathways for preferred fiber and material usage, supporting regenerative agriculture and biodiversity – providing an accelerated solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Water and Chemicals

Sustainable chemical and water management, including eliminating hazardous chemicals from the global value chain, conserving resources and protecting people and planet.

Circularity, Waste and Redefining Growth

Scaling innovations in fiber-to-fiber recycling, turning textile waste into new fibers and/or other textile products. Advancing circular business models, and alternative value creation.

Plastics and Packaging

Retail & brand consortium to identify ways to streamline plastics & packaging requirements to drive efficiencies, alternatives, and potential regional recycling collaborations.

Traceability and Transparency

Increasing visibility, data-led stakeholder communications, improved decision-making, quality control, and risk reduction via supply chain mapping, traceability & transparency.

Consumer Engagement and Labeling

Agreeing on requirements that define preferred / sustainable products – and the required framework of standards, certification, and verification to create consistency.

Worker and Human Rights

Acceleration of labor rights, increased supply chain transparency and human rights due diligence by working with existing NGOs and amplifying global efforts.

Empowerment, Education and Digital Wages

Engaging with initiatives ranging from secondary education to board room practices that further opportunities for individuals from more diverse racial, gender, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Partnership across the apparel industry to build resilient communities by scaling and accelerating a global educational agenda of women’s empowerment and gender equity in supply chain opportunities.

Supply Chain

Aligning with suppliers on Science Based Targets (SBTs) and ESG goals, while considering new approaches to dynamic planning that allow for more agile production and local sourcing of materials.

Transportation and Logistics

Optimizing logistics using AI-based software and utilizing electric and alternative fuel-powered trucking and last mile delivery to reduce carbon emissions while providing long-term cost savings.

What's next for ESG in fashion

The time is now

Cara Smyth

Senior Managing Director – ESG Retail

Cara works with retail clients to build responsibility and resilience into their Environmental, Social and Governance strategies.

Frank Zambrelli

Managing Director – ESG Retail

Frank works with clients globally to guide Environmental, Social and Governance practices across multiple sectors of retail.