Future Technologies R&D

We explore the intersection of computing and other rapidly advancing disciplines to enable a new generation of smart products and services.

Top areas of focus

Our focus is on combining computing with other rapidly advancing disciplines – including material science, neuroscience, and molecular biology.

Smart materials

Materials that sense and react to stimuli in a controlled way, forming the basis of unobtrusive interfaces and of smart products and environments.

Neuromorphic computing

We explore how a new generation of brain-inspired computing hardware, offering low power, low latency, and local learning can enable AI at the edge.

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Neuromorphic computing helps drive AI at the edge

Building non-binary voice assistants

The power of smart materials

The promise of Neuromorphic Computing

Pushing technology-driven innovation beyond IT

As the physical and digital worlds become increasingly interconnected, the most dramatic tech-driven innovation will increasingly involve combining computation with advances in other areas of physical and biological science.

Our interdisciplinary work involves identifying scientific disciplines that are making rapid progress toward applications and that – generally in combination with information technology - can enable innovative products and services. Because our work stretches Accenture Labs’ traditional boundaries, we place a heavy emphasis on collaborating with external researchers in both industry and academia.


Driving AI at the edge with neuromorphic computing

Neuromorphic architectures are radically different from those used in traditional processors because they emulate neural systems. With emerging neuromorphic hardware and maturing platforms, it’s time to start experimenting.


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Smarter cars: Auto makers experiment with chips that think like humans

The Wall Street Journal reports on Accenture Labs’ experiment with neurmorphic computing for using voice and gesture commands in automobiles.


Our Technology Innovation Blog provides bold thinking and commentary of technologies that address the key business challenges facing organizations today.

Building tech that reflects our diversity

Accenture Labs partnered with CereProc to create Sam: a non-binary text-to-speech voice.

Creating self-cleaning surfaces with smart materials

We’re partnering with AFFOA on developing LED-embedded fabric that, in combination with nanoparticle coating, could automate surface self-cleaning.