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The power of data-driven asset management

July 13, 2020 5-MINUTE READ

In brief

Great data opens the way to exponential growth…

…but there are barriers that can limit the value from data.

So, what’s holding your firm back?

Is your firm on the way to becoming data-driven?


believe that data management needs to be completely disrupted.


expect AI to deliver the next wave of cost reductions to the industry.


expect to see an increasing need for data science and technology development capabilities over the next five years.

It’s not enough to have the right tools and technologies. Firms should 'connect the dots' between insights and technologies, have a broader vision on how to apply them and ensure end-to-end integration.

Rethink the future of asset management. Today.

It’s time to use these technologies to reimagine asset management

What is the power of AI?

The ability to combine multiple unstructured sources of external data to allow portfolio discovery and alpha generation.

In the age of advanced analytics

Firms can infer customers’ needs by analyzing their offline and digital footprint—while also improving sales and distribution.

Machine learning’s dual purpose

As well as automating and accelerating data-cleaning processes, machine learning can also help with performing modeling and predictive analytics.

Create a roadmap to unlock your data’s full potential

About the Authors

Keri Smith

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Applied Intelligence, Analytics

James Petitto

Senior Manager – Asset Management

David Nolting

Senior Manager – Data & AI

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