Kari Kaario

Managing Director, Digital, Nordic


Joined Accenture in 2009

About Kari:
Kari joined Accenture in 2009 from a management consultancy where he worked as a partner for eleven years. During his 30 years in business, he has always worked with sales and marketing related topics. Kari has had a keen interest in CRM-related business issues from the early 90’s, when he started to work with direct marketing and telesales in a multi-channel environment for IBM. Since then Kari has worked with a number of industries focusing on creating value with an “outside in” perspective to increase customer understanding for higher profits. He has written several books about the subject and has been a keynote speaker on international forums.

Kari is passionate about client work and delivering value through new digital channels, products, business models and more effective ways of working. He is also a true believer in team work with clear roles and responsibilities to strive for the best results.

Kari holds a Master's degree in International Marketing from the Helsinki School of Economics.

What’s on the horizon:
Digitalization continues to drive business opportunities as well as threats. Companies must renew their capabilities to be able to compete against both traditional as well as new competitors. Keeping up with digital disruption can’t be done with organic development only. Most companies need to consider M&A activities as well as hiring external help to boost development and to close the competence gap. Finally, one must be able to cannibalize one’s own business before someone else does it anyway.

Kari Kaario

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