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What Accenture did

Refresh Alliander’s GIS environment

Updating outdated GIS software to new, more user-friendly applications that would work with business and GIS users.

Conduct data cleansing

Enhancing data cleansing, including exploring advanced analytical and predictive methods in GIS data cleansing through a machine learning prototype.

Support SCRUM and SAFe

Drawing on the SCRUM/SAFe methodologies to help synergize teams, ensure on-time project delivery and drive faster cleansing.

People and culture

Value delivered

Bringing GIS to life

3 benefits of using GIS and AI

We examine the new possibilities of using Artificial Intelligence and GIS for the utility world. Explore how you can benefit from AI. Read more

Using Geographic Information Systems for energy

See how Dutch T&D entities can utilize Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to support the energy transition for a more effective process. Learn more

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