HSBC is committed to improving its workforce’s performance and productivity in order to deliver on its strategy, improve shareholder returns and enhance customer service. To reach this goal, the bank’s human resources (HR) function needed to improve employee experiences and deliver enhanced services. This required a global transformation to help the bank modernize and digitize its services.

Legacy HR processes and systems were manual, cumbersome and fragmented across different countries. The processes had grown complex and employees, managers and HR itself couldn’t always access what they needed.

A large-scale transformation of its platform—and of how the majority of the employee population interacted with HR—would help HSBC increase efficiency, lower costs and improve employee satisfaction.

What Accenture did

HSBC’s HR transformation program required unprecedented change by the business and HR. With our extensive experience in HR, HR technology, change management and digital transformation for financial services, we partnered with the bank to deliver world-leading technology solutions. Our role was to provide:

  • Program management
  • Change management
  • Experience design
  • Global process and configuration design
  • Localization to meet country regulations and legal requirements
  • Integration with other HSBC and vendor systems
  • Data mapping and migration
  • Service introduction
  • Implementation and go-live management
  • Post-go-live support

HSBC’s revamped employee experiences were supported by digital HR solutions from SAP, ServiceNow and MuleSoft. Legacy HR performance and compensation systems, manual processes for talent and succession management, and payroll were replaced with SAP SuccessFactors, an integrated, cloud-based HR software application. ServiceNow added an employee engagement layer, including a portal, knowledge management and case management. MuleSoft provided a secure and agile solution to seamlessly integrate a multitude of global and regional HSBC applications, data and devices. Accenture is a key global partner for all these vendors.

People and culture

Top-quality, digital employee experiences are helping HSBC improve performance and productivity. HR processes are streamlined and services have become more accessible, enabling enhanced reporting capabilities. This empowers both HR and IT to focus on services and innovation rather than expensive and complex maintenance and upgrades to existing legacy systems.


HSBC has transformed its HR services and employee experiences, empowering its workforce and driving value for customers and shareholders.

Digital HR services make it easier for the bank’s people to find what they need, make data-driven decisions and access HR content, services and support. Almost all services have been improved, from core services such as payroll, workforce administration, employee data management and communications, to new capabilities that enable employees and leadership to better manage talent, succession, career development and performance. Improved access to data and insights will enhance the ability of leaders to leverage the bank’s talent and allow them to make better decisions about their teams and people.

Additionally, HSBC’s new cloud-based HR technology allows it to focus on services and innovation rather than expensive and complex maintenance and upgrades to legacy, on-premise technology.

"HSBC has made an incredible leap forward in its HR services and employee experiences, underpinned by digital HR technology. This provides it with a great platform for future innovation."

— Andy Young, Managing Director and Global Lead, Accenture Financial Services Talent & Organization

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