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Vegetation management


The Metaverse Continuum

A cutting edge solution

Vegetation management solutions in action


Regulatory pressures

Increased customer & worker expectations

Increased volume & complexity of work

Pressure to improve efficiency & quality of work

Proliferation of digital technologies

An end-to-end vegetation management solution

Pre-initiation Use advanced analytics for scenario analysis to evaluate efficiency vs. reliability or risk associated with different VM cycles, maintaining the program at the circuit level.

Initiation Leverage advanced image analytics to identify work that needs to be done at the circuit level with minimal manual intervention and automation of the property owner approval process.

Execution Optimize VM crew utilization using an integrated work management system for resource management and job scheduling, coordination, and execution.

Close out Automate the QA/QC process via a mobile application, allowing field crews to capture field data using ML/AI algorithms to identify potential “go backs”.

Sourcing Use analytics to assess and rebalance the supplier contract risk and set up performance expectations.

Improvement levers


Data /analytics driven approach to identifying and prioritizing circuits and work plan while optimizing reliability performance.


Data /analytics driven approach to identifying and prioritizing circuits and work plan while optimizing reliability performance.


Optimize exact areas which require vegetation management resulting in more efficient crew use. “The right work at the right time”.


Close Out
Process re-engineering and image analytics to automate quality assurance/quality control and reporting processes.


Negotiate improve contact terms with vegetation management contractors to streamline program performance.

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