RISE with SAP. SOAR with Accenture.

Move your business to the cloud and gain value faster.

RISE with SAP. SOAR with Accenture.

Now tailored to the specific needs of large enterprises

Business transformation gains altitude

Driven partly by the COVID pandemic and partly by the blistering pace of technology, market and business change, companies are finding themselves in a position of continuous flux and adaptation. According to Accenture research, the most successful companies today are those that can compress more transformation into less time. They are operating with a cloud-first strategy and are more heavily investing in technology and innovation.

RISE with SAP® and SOAR with Accenture closely complement each other to help drive those essential business goals for companies of all sizes, complexity, and cloud maturity. SOAR with Accenture brings pre-configured industry solutions, business process models, extensibility architectures, end-to-end delivery capabilities, cloud-native technologies, and industry cloud solutions all driven and delivered by Accenture myConcerto.

Both RISE with SAP and SOAR with Accenture has been expanded with new features tailored to deliver business transformation as-a-service for large enterprises. Schedule a discussion to find out how SOAR with Accenture can accelerate your business transformation.

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"Complementing RISE with SAP, SOAR with Accenture is helping companies navigate their choices, define the best approach and jump-start their business transformation."

– CASPAR BORGGREVE, Global Lead – Accenture SAP Business Group

How clients benefit

Our extensive experience allows us to increase the value of RISE with SAP with distinctive assets and capabilities:


Accenture offers deep expertise in more than 25 industries and across business functions, giving us unequalled knowledge and experience.

Extensible and integrated

We leverage the extensibility and integration capabilities of SAP Business Technology Platform to help clients transform in the cloud with confidence.


SOAR with Accenture bundles end-to-end services supported by Accenture myConcerto, a portfolio of preconfigured SAP cloud assets and accelerators.

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How to focus on business needs first and combine the best of brownfield and greenfield for migrating and converting to SAP S/4HANA.

SAP Business Transformation

RISE with SAP and SOAR with Accenture closely complement each other to help drive those essential business goals.
Technology Vision

Gearing up for the enterprise metaverse

Accenture’s Technology Vision for SAP Solutions 2022 explores the implications of this future for SAP customers—and how they can get ready now. 

How we can help

Accenture’s combination of people, industry and technology excellence can deliver business value faster while accelerating the transition to SAP S/4HANA®. Accenture myConcerto orchestrates change, from business case to continuous innovation.

RISE x SOAR: What’s in it for large enterprises?

We are partners who co-invest, co-create and commit from the very top. Julie Sweet, CEO, ACCENTURE

RISE with SAP: The Introduction

RISE with SAP SOAR with Accenture

Cloud first, value faster

jumpstart business transformation

RISE with SAP. SOAR with Accenture.

Accenture named a leader in the latest IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SAP implementation services 2022 report

According to the report, Accenture delivers services to help clients transform and unlock more value from innovation and new SAP solutions and technologies.

Four years in a row: Gartner positions Accenture as a leader in SAP S/4HANA application services

Accenture retains leader position in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for SAP S/4HANA Application Services report.

The Forrester Wave™: SAP implementation services partners, Q2 2022

Accenture maintains leadership with a visionary strategy for SAP customers.

Announcing RISE with SAP and SOAR with Accenture for large enterprise

Accenture and SAP launch joint offering to help large enterprises drive new value from cloud services and business transformation.

‘SOAR with Accenture’ takes RISE with SAP transformations to new heights

‘SOAR with Accenture’ can enable business transformation across specific industries and functions.

Accenture and SAP to help organizations transform their business through RISE with SAP

Helping organizations accelerate business transformation through cloud-based deployments of SAP solutions.

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RISE with SAP is a comprehensive set of packages, with SAP S/4HANA® at the core, to help companies transform and innovate, redesign business processes, reduce internal complexity, and adopt new business models in the cloud. RISE with SAP is offered on a subscription basis, enabling clients to run their SAP estate in a SaaS-like model with cloud economics.

SOAR with Accenture is a solution and service portfolio that complements and is optimized for RISE with SAP deployments. It increases the value clients realize from RISE with SAP and accelerates their journey to and in the cloud. It also allows clients to move across the full spectrum of the Cloud Continuum with confidence and certainty.

An intelligent enterprise is an organization that is digitally driven and powered by cloud technologies to enable agility and faster speed to market. It is underpinned by analytics and other leading-edge technologies, it is capable of dynamic self-management and continual adaptation. It is designed to maximize value under the most dynamic and demanding market circumstances. It is proactive and able to anticipate and respond to shifting business conditions, customer expectations, stakeholder demands and ecosystem potential.

Intelligent enterprises collaborate with a broad range of ecosystem partners, including academic institutions, start-ups, alliances and even competitors to meet customer needs and acquire new capabilities. They share assets and analytics to define new markets that cross industries.

SAP works with all the major cloud providers, also called hyperscalers—including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. Accenture is the leading partner for all three, offering deeper experience, faster innovation, rapid delivery and exceptional speed to market and innovation.

Driven partly by the COVID pandemic and partly by the blistering pace of technology change, market and business change, companies are finding themselves in a position of continuous flux and adaptation. As Accenture characterizes it, succeeding in this time of compressed transformation requires a reversal of the typical or received wisdom about cloud penetration: Instead of being 20% in the cloud and 80% on-premise, those numbers will be reversed. Think of companies moving to 80% in the cloud and doing so not in a decade but in just a few years, and managing transformation in multiple parts of the organization at the same time. That is both the challenge and opportunity ahead.

Companies’ enterprise systems and technology used to run their business are often at least a decade old and not up to new challenges. Only a cloud-first strategy, executed at a faster speed than companies are accustomed to, can deliver the required resilience, agility, and customer focus that is required.