Eindhoven Industry X.0 inspiration center

Experience next-generation innovation and new technologies at the core of the digital reinvention of industry.

At the heart of innovation

Accenture’s new Industry X.0 Inspiration Center is now operational. Located in Brainport Eindhoven, at the heart of European innovation, the center showcases our latest industrial offerings. Learn how to reinvent products and services in our dedicated industrial Design Thinking space and be inspired to become an Industry X.0 business.

What to expect

We make great ideas real. Together, we will compile an agenda tailored to your organization’s needs and challenges.

Discover new insights

Get inspired by the latest advances in Industrial IoT technologies, brought to life by several demos based on real-life use cases.

Design new concepts

Secure new sources of growth by designing connected products and services, and reinvent production and operations with advanced digital technologies.

Tackle business challenges

Shift from Products to Services, boost operational efficiency and agility, and enable workforces to maximize productivity, quality and safety.

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Four themes worth talking about

The digital reinvention of industry across value chain

Connected products

Product and service design and development, including hardware and embedded software, guided by Agile experts.

Digital engineering

Customer-centric, data-driven engineering and product lifecycle management, powered by digital twin technology.

Digital operations

Shop floor-to-floor integration with MES, MOM, connected worker, 3D printing and AI-powered production.

Digital workforce

Improve productivity and safety by leveraging digital technologies to enable the best worker experience throughout the product/service lifecycle.

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Digital Service Factory

A Digital Service Factory provides customizable sets of end-to-end digital execution capabilities. They enable organizations to identify, design, develop, test, pilot, and launch new digital products and services. Promote startup thinking, accelerate business value and optimize ROI today with a Digital Service Factory.

Discover how a Digital Service Factory can help your organization’s Industry X.0 journey with inspiring success stories and an interactive game.

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