Accenture TradeIX Alliance

Imagine a seamless integrated multi-party trade ecosystem that unlocks trapped value.

Network effects

A strategic alliance between Accenture and TradeIX’s Marco Polo Network offers the deep technical skills and industry expertise to help you lead as we enter the next wave of disruption in trade finance.

Improved productivity and compliance

Powered by distributed ledger technology, TradeIX’s Marco Polo Network connects ecosystems facilitating movement of assets and credit around the world.

Deep industry expertise

Leadership in intelligent finance operations, technology independence, global ecosystem reach, and domain expertise, pivots clients to the new.

Better together

By embedding TradeIX’s capabilities into many offerings, clients can now benefit from the combined power of our leading innovation companies.

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Strategic alliance will help digitize global trade

"Tackling the complexities of global trade requires innovative and scalable approaches. The scale of Accenture’s operations and deep technical expertise, combined with our leading technology, offer an unrivaled solution for helping organizations eliminate friction across the trade value chain."

— Robert Barnes, CEO TradeIX


Trading in the new

Our partnership connects to the global Marco Polo Network that leverages distributed ledger technologies to help you improve processes, increase transparency, reduce risk, and open up new opportunities to lead in the new.

Touchless operations

Procure-to-pay and order-to-cash transform into one continuous real-time invoicing process.

Minimize disputes

Working off shared data across a transaction helps minimize disputes.

Reduce manual effort

Automated cash application streamlines data entry and reconciliation.

Increased supplier financing options

Unlocking opportunities to address working capital.

Fraud risk mitigated

Improved data quality, control and ownership increases compliance and mitigates risk and fraud incidents.

Built-in services

Governance, onboarding and support services add value across the network.

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Countless new opportunities

As the Marco Polo Network matures in features and functions, it will unlock trapped value through new products and platforms. WEF, WTO, ICC, 2018


Decrease in trade financing costs


Increase in working capital and liquidity


Improvement in trade finance processing


Decrease in data entry and reconciliation


Decrease in documentation admin costs


Decrease in financial and banking settlement costs

What we think

Changing regulation, emerging technology availability and changing expectations push banks to change beyond simple digitization of current processes.

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Our leaders


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Our strategic alliance sits at the intersection of business and technology, enabling product roadmap advancement that helps ensure all ecosystem player requirements are met. Learn how to benefit from participating in this multi-party system.

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