Data Science in a Day

An introduction day for professionals without previous technical or programming experience. Ready to demystify the complex world of data science?

Our program


Build data science models in Python and apply them on a definite and engaging case: you'll assist a successful, retired corporate leader set up a wine cultivation and trading business.


Apply supervised and unsupervised machine learning to solve challenging business problems and generate valuable insights.

UNDERSTAND how data science can create value for your business. DEMYSTIFY seemingly complex algorithms and know when they can fail. BUILD machine learning models without prior coding experience.

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Our modules

Module 1: Introduction to Data Science

Start your journey with an introduction to the main concept of data science and where it is used in business.

Module 2: Python Programming

Get acquainted with the basics of programming in one of the most powerful programming languages of this time.

Module 3: Random Forest Classification

Learn the ins and outs of classification machine learning models and how to apply random forest to an exciting business case.

Module 4: K-Means Clustering

Find out how to apply machine learning to unlabeled data by using a popular clustering algorithm.

Module 5: Linear Regression

Find out how linear regression uses mathematics to predict future trends based on historical data.

Module 6: Data Science in Your Industry

Use design thinking to guide you through the steps of the data science process and learn how to apply this in your industry.

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