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A Powerful Business Case for Happier Workers

Caring for employees across personal and financial dimensions is not only the best way to unlock people’s true potential, it’s also better for business. We explore groundbreaking research that demonstrates a new, more profitable way to think about worker well-being.


Ellyn Shook, Chief Leadership and Human Resources Officer, Accenture

David Rodriguez, Executive Vice President and Global Chief HR Officer, Marriott

Fran Katsoudas, Executive Vice President and Chief People, Policy & Purpose Officer, Cisco

Kelly Monahan, Thought Leadership Research Principal Director, Accenture

Cameron Flowers, Founder and CEO, Floreo Labs

Your hosts

Elise Hu

Josh Klein
CEO, Indigometrics

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Ellyn Shook is responsible for helping Accenture’s half a million people succeed both professionally and personally. Her global team of HR leaders is reimagining leadership and talent practices to create the most truly human work environment in the digital age.

David Rodriguez oversees human capital for the leading hospitality player in one of the most significant employment sectors – travel and tourism – which supports one out of every 10 jobs worldwide and accounts for roughly 10% of global GDP.

Fran Katsoudas oversees critical functions that instill Cisco’s conscious culture, contribute to the company’s overall performance, and advance Cisco’s purpose to Power an Inclusive Future for All. Her team ensures holistic care for the well-being of Cisco’s people while positively impacting communities everywhere.

Kelly Monahan is an organizational behaviorist whose research has been recognized and published in both applied and academic journals, including MIT Sloan Management Review and Journal of Strategic Management.

Cameron Flowers is a creative-technologist building a more diverse and equitable tech sector through his work as an educator, engineering manager and entrepreneur.


Why Business Leaders Must Become Tech Leaders

Until 2020, many companies believed they were further along in their digital evolution than they actually were. Listen in as we learn how some enterprises reimagined their systems to leverage technology, say good-bye to ‘the way we’ve always done things’ and meet the needs of the moment.


Paul Daugherty, Group Chief Executive – Technology & Chief Technology Officer, Accenture

Mona Flores, Global Head of Medical AI, NVIDIA

Allard Castelein, CEO, Port of Rotterdam

More about the contributors

Paul Daugherty leads all aspects of Accenture’s technology business. He is responsible for Accenture's technology strategy, driving innovation through R&D in Accenture Labs and leveraging emerging technologies to bring the newest innovations to clients globally.

Mona Flores, MD brings a unique perspective with her varied experience in clinical medicine, medical applications and business. She's a board-certified cardiac surgeon whose ultimate goal is the betterment of medicine through AI.

Allard Castelein has led the Port of Rotterdam Authority since 2014. Prior to that, he spent more than two decades at Royal Dutch Shell, where he was responsible for the company’s global sustainability program.


Growth: It comes down to experience

What should business leaders know about meeting customer needs in a post-pandemic world? We're talking to the CEOs who are rethinking the customer experience.


Brian Whipple, CEO, Accenture Interactive

Mark Curtis, Head of Innovation and Thought Leadership, Accenture Interactive

Chris Milk, Founder and CEO, Within

Carrie SiuButt, CEO, SimpleHealth

Your hosts

Elise Hu

Josh Klein
CEO, Indigometrics

More about the contributors

Brian Whipple is committed to cultivating big ideas and delivering real business results – passions he applies every day driving Accenture Interactive’s rapid global growth.

Mark Curtis joined Accenture as a co-founder and Chief Client Officer of Fjord. He’s a serial entrepreneur and innovator.

Chris Milk is an entrepreneur, director and immersive artist. He is co-founder and CEO of Within, a company using immersive technologies to build products for transformative experiences.

Carrie SiuButt has extensive experience in corporate/business development, finance, partnerships and product management.

Elise Hu is a Los Angeles-based journalist and podcast host who spent nearly a decade at NPR, as a regular voice on flagship shows All Things Considered and Morning Edition.

Josh Klein is the CEO of www.Indigometrics.com, a data-led SaaS platform for measuring and managing corporate culture. He also lives as a speaker, writer and advisor at www.josh.is.

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