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Property & casualty

Get closer to your insurance customers and help protect their interests—not just their assets.

What’s going on

It’s becoming increasingly important for property and casualty (P&C) insurers to invest in digital transformation strategies, streamline business processes and enable new business and operating models. Catastrophic losses linked to climate change are threatening profitability just as new digital competitors siphon traditional insurance revenue streams. P&C insurers need to fundamentally rethink how they relate to customers, move away from indemnification and toward continuous risk mitigation and management.

Personal lines

Insurance consumers are facing tremendous uncertainty and looking to their insurers for confidence rather than contracts.

Commercial lines

Buyers of commercial insurance have become accustomed to the ease of digital solutions in their everyday lives and expect the same seamless experience with business insurance.

What you can do

Continued, sustained cost pressures may not yield the long-term changes insurance carriers need. AI-powered solutions and advanced data analytics can help insurers achieve process efficiency at scale and fuel the future.

As AI and Gen AI mature, insurers can leverage these technologies to improve customer relationships through enhanced interactions, while realizing gains in both process efficiency and decision effectiveness.

Whether in personal or commercial lines, insurance products and services have to put people first. Carriers need to understand the ways in which customers feel protected or are seeking protection.

Our leaders

Kenneth Saldanha

Senior Managing Director – Global Insurance Lead

Cindy De Armond

Senior Managing Director – Insurance Lead, North America

Khalid Lahraoui

Senior Managing Director – Insurance Lead, EMEA

Naoyuki Shibata

Senior Managing Director – Insurance Lead, Growth Markets