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Rewiring the rulebook

Transforming the experience of criminal justice in the UK through video enablement


"The focus has now widened towards expanding VEJ to include other parties, from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to the defence to prisoners on remand."– KATY BOURNE, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner

Strategy and solution

Start small then scale up

"I’ve seen great improvements in the way that hearings are being held and the consistency of those hearings. We’re starting to see some real benefits in terms of getting cases dealt with promptly and effectively, 2,276 hearings have been heard over the last 8 months, about 80 percent of them during the week."– TONY BLAKER, Deputy Chief Constable – Kent Police and VEJ Senior Responsible Officer


Real benefits starting to emerge

"So while using video link isn't new, this is about taking that technology and making it even more efficient than it already is—making the entire system a lot more efficient."– KATY BOURNE, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner

Meet the team

James Slessor

Managing Director – Health & Public Service, Public Safety

Tim Godwin

Managing Director – Global Public Safety, Accenture

Emma Feggetter

Video Enabled Justice Program Lead – Accenture

Jody Weis

Former Law Enforcement Leader – Public Safety Advisor
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