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Elevating HR to become a strategic partner for business

A successful HR transformation for a global circuit board leader

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Microchips on a macro scale

Making the tiny technologies that power today’s electronics requires more than just innovation—it depends on people to truly make waves. That’s why a leading supplier of printed circuit boards and integrated circuits substrates embarked on a global human resources (HR) transformation.

With plans to double its workforce in the next few years, the company aimed to enhance efficiencies, attract and retain top talent, and establish a common database for all employees. It partnered with Accenture to achieve these goals and elevate HR to become a strategic partner for business.

Rather than simply adopting industry best practices, the company and Accenture took a co-creation approach. Together, they designed a new HR Operating Model and developed programs across six centers of excellence (CoE).

We helped the client develop six CoEs


Talent Acquisition


Talent Management (learning and leadership development)


Total Rewards (compensation, benefits and payroll)


Data, Processes and Tools


Global Mobility


Organizational CoE

Placing the right HR components

Within the transformation program, the team set up a global pay strategy, a new global HR organization structure, and future-forward talent acquisition and retention plans. The project used competitor and market research for all markets the company is active in, and employee surveys to help inform various initiatives. The team also prepared a detailed IT roadmap for the coming years, which will be a key enabler in bringing the HR vision to life.

The company also implemented leadership training and coaching programs, while 120 managers engaged in talent discussions. Based on these discussions, targeted training and coaching were planned for each employee. This helped identify talent development gaps and establish learning paths focused on leadership. 

A HR evolution

As a result of the HR transformation, the company's HR function has become a true partner to its business units. Now, the company is focused on strategic, value-adding work, automated and cost-efficient HR services, unified service delivery, and globally aligned HR structure and processes.

By aligning HR with its growth agenda, leveraging HR technologies, implementing change-management strategies and investing in leadership development, the company has positioned itself for continued success. Equipped with confidence, talent, processes and tools, it is well-prepared to foster an open, innovative environment for transformative changes and to support growth at, and beyond, current goals.

We built a trusted partnership during this time. Both sides built up this trust, respect and partnership so we were exchanging ideas and talking together to find the best solutions.

Client’s Senior Vice President of Human Resources