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Sterling Silver Club shines for older adults

Renown Health develops a new program to engage older adults for better health management.

Call for change

Loyalty programs—most common in the travel, lodging and retail industries—have been relatively less mature in the health provider space.

Renown Health sought to connect with older adults by formalizing a free loyalty program that engaged with individuals holistically, across health habits, services and health plan membership, and created the best possible experience for patients and members.

Practices from other industries were considered to recognize who Renown’s members are, learn what they need, and determine how to keep their interest. The program’s goals were to connect with these members, deliver valuable interactions to improve individual health, and boost business growth.

When tech meets human ingenuity

Together with Accenture, Renown Health used its insights from older adults in the market and its customer data warehouse to shape the loyalty program and offerings.

It combined research data and input from patients and members to determine experience and loyalty requirements and to co-create the loyalty program. Activities, various types of classes and lifestyle support programs varied by customer segment. For each segment, Renown matched the activity profiles and preferences.

The team used analytics, experience design methods, a health stratification tool and iterative refinement to develop five distinct personas that were tied to potential ways to connect with an older adult population.

Highlights of Renown and its Sterling Silver Club loyalty program outcomes:


Increase in loyalty program enrollment.


Reduction in emergency department visits.

Up to 30%

Reduction in operating expenditures due to better care site direction.


Of members are in Renown’s electronic medical records system.

We thank our community members for engaging with our clinicians to co-create the Sterling Silver Club, a proactive customer engagement model and partnership that is there for people—in sickness and in health.

Suzanne Hendery / Renown Health

A valuable difference

Renown Health launched a free loyalty program—the Sterling Silver Club—for adults aged 55 and older.

The program mixes health, personal, social and lifestyle enhancement topics and activities, powered by the Renown Health system, the caregiver teams and its Hometown Health/Senior Care Plus health plans.

Sterling Silver Club members can connect to health and healthcare services by learning about new medical providers, services and initiatives. They are introduced to healthcare experts in person and virtually through care coordination services. Program attendees are also able to schedule their healthcare needs on the spot as well as join tailored health programs and medical practices.