Depaul UK—a charity that provides vital and life changing accommodations and services to homeless youth across the United Kingdom— recently launched an initiative with Accenture to modernize its traditional workplace environment.

The focus was on five areas of improvement: reducing reliance on time-consuming manual processes; creating a technology environment that is fit for purpose; building an environment that enables better collaboration; optimizing the utilization of Depaul’s physical space; and strengthening knowledge management capabilities.

Depaul UK knew that by eliminating inefficiencies across the workplace, its employees would be better positioned to achieve the charity’s mission of “giving everyone a place to call home.”

What Accenture did

Depaul UK teamed with Accenture to design a cloud-based workplace transformation strategy and roadmap helping the charity fulfill its mission of serving homeless youth across the United Kingdom.

The team’s phased approach involved creating a vision for the workplace transformation, understanding employees’ current ways of working, validating the challenges and proposed actions, and issuing recommendations and a roadmap for change. The comprehensive nature of the workplace assessment and recommendations enabled the team to present a plan uniquely tailored to Depaul’s environment and workplace challenges.

In just three months, Accenture produced 18 recommendations across five categories, including corporate applications, core IT infrastructure, cloud-based end-user tools, telephony tools, and physical office spaces. Changes currently underway are ensuring that Depaul will be providing its vitally important services for years to come.

Reducing organizational inefficiencies to create a more productive and efficient workforce that supports Depaul’s agenda to provide everyone with a place to call home.

People and culture

The workplace-transformation project was designed with one goal: to help Depaul better carry out its vital mission. The recommendations and roadmap addressed the workplace challenges head on.

The suggested recommendations will empower Depaul's people to be self-enabled, self- sufficient and more productive in their jobs. Automation and new cloud-based collaboration tools are ushering in a new culture of inclusivity and knowledge sharing, potentially freeing personnel to spend more time serving homeless youth. Equally important, the recommended changes will create a new work environment that will help Depaul attract and retain a more efficient and flexible workforce and support better work-life balance for employees.

Value delivered

Although we had clarity on what we wanted to achieve, we didn't know where to begin so Accenture took us on a journey from crystallizing our vision through to developing detailed recommendations and a roadmap for their delivery.

Depaul is providing vital services for years to come.

Despite the technological emphasis of the project, the Team at Accenture were mindful of the complexities of what is a significant organizational change project.


In just three months; Depaul and Accenture completed the comprehensive workplace assessment; identified the workforce's main pain points; and developed an actionable plan for moving forward.


The team ultimately made 18 recommendations; based on - 20 hours of interviews and joint working sessions; the team presented a plan tailored to Depaul's environment and workplace challenges.


The recommendations fell into five categories: Corporate applications, End-user computing, Core platform, Telephony and Space. Benefits include increased security, collaboration and efficiency.

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