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CASE STUDY V360 Awards

Reinventing together with our clients

Our global V360 Awards showcase how we deliver value and innovation, with the power of technology and human ingenuity. Meet the winners.


Our internal V360 Awards celebrate the stories of reinvention and 360° value creation by Accenture teams for our clients, company, and communities in which we work and live. These stories inspire others on their journey toward reinvention.

Winning teams and their clients were celebrated during an event broadcast to all of Accenture. Here we take a glimpse at some of the standout moments from the client co-innovation category, which celebrates teams who co-created with clients to deliver exceptional innovation and value.

We want to recognize the amazing examples of how we are truly delivering on the promise of technology and human ingenuity.

Julie Sweet, Chair & CEO

Using data and AI to supercharge e-commerce advertising

A leading online marketplace reinvented its merchant experience and boosted ad revenue using data, AI and GenAI.

A successful marketplace is only as good as its merchants. That's why a leading e-commerce company partnered with Accenture to reinvent the seller experience for thousands of its vendors. The company wanted to help its sellers to reach more customers. Many of these merchants were unfamiliar with the processes and benefits of targeted advertising—so the existing self-service portal wasn’t making the requisite impact.

We partnered to bridge this gap with a unique strategy blending personalized support and advanced technology solutions.

We made the portal more user-friendly and educated sellers about leveraging advertising to grow their business. Designed for the e-commerce sector, our solution taps into the power of data, AI and generative AI (GenAI) to provide real-time, customizable strategies for advertising optimization and seller interactions. Targeted advertising suggestions are regularly sent to sellers to help maximize returns on ad spending. They have access to a suite of tools to boost confidence in advertising investments, while AI and GenAI initiatives also offer post-call summaries and real-time campaign insights.

But the solution isn't all tech. It’s the human touch that makes the real difference: Regular interactions with agents build trust, and multi-channel connectivity keeps everyone engaged.

The results are impressive: Vendors have seen exponential growth in return on ad spends, and an increase in overall revenues. For the e-commerce company, the partnership with Accenture has resulted in year-on-year growth in ad spending, and a significant number of zero-spenders have been converted into active advertisers.

Together, we developed a model that blends technology with the human touch that can be replicated globally to reshape the e-commerce landscape.

Vale cuts through the complexity of Brazil’s licensing process

Harnessing AI to pave the way for more sustainable infrastructure development in Brazil.

Brazil—the largest country in South America—is home to more than 200 million people and stretches over 3 million square miles. Despite this size and potential, Brazil faces a significant infrastructure deficit, projected to reach US$778 billion by 2030. Closing this gap would mean constructing power plants to provide reliable electricity, supplying metals and minerals for global energy transition and developing transportation networks to support agriculture and manufacturing. It would mean greater opportunities for the people of Brazil.

But to achieve this, every project must go through the Environmental Licensing Process (ELP), a vital step in ensuring sustainable and responsible infrastructure. The ELP evaluates and approves projects based on their environmental impact and ensures compliance with government regulations. However, navigating this process can be complex, time-consuming and expensive. Even the smallest error can set a project back significantly, with licenses taking up to seven years to secure.

Vale S.A., a major Brazilian player in the mining and logistics sectors, saw an opportunity to change this, and partnered with Accenture to create Smart Licensing: an end-to-end licensing management platform that uses AI to speed up that environmental licensing process.

Smart Licensing aims to cut permitting lead times by at least 15%. It covers the entire process, from project registration and licensing type analysis to managing procedures, tasks, responsible parties and deadlines. Through an AI component, it also scans environmental studies and makes sure they comply with all regulatory requirements. These studies often exceed 1,000 pages and analyzing them is a time-consuming part of the process. But with the help of AI, Smart Licensing reduces days of document reviews into minutes.

The platform not only speeds up licensing but also ensures compliance, reduces environmental impact and promotes a digital culture within technical teams. The solution can adapt to various infrastructure development industries, as they all must comply with the licensing process, and has the potential to expand to more countries, opening up new opportunities for innovation and growth.

Smart Licensing is set to play a key role in Brazil's infrastructure development. Speeding up ELP means accelerating the country’s progress, ensuring more environmentally compliant projects that bring responsible growth, job opportunities and ultimately, a brighter future for all.

Ecolab creates a steady stream of actionable insights for a cleaner world

A new digital platform is using the power of data and AI to visualize, optimize and control water usage.

Ecolab takes its commitment to protecting the resources vital to life very seriously. As a global sustainability leader offering water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions and services, the company enables businesses to prioritize growth and sustainability goals at the same time.

Ecolab wanted to help its diverse range of industrial clients—from food services to power generation—obtain precise insights into their water usage, optimize water management, and ultimately meet their sustainability commitments. Ecolab collaborated with Accenture and other organizations to create ECOLAB3D™—a transformative, tools and intelligence-driven, data and AI-powered platform that would help revolutionize water and energy management.

Ecolab’s technology solutions enable companies to achieve best in class water performance and sustainability outcomes by collecting and processing real-time data from across Ecolab’s clients, comprising massive networks of thousands of devices—including 30,000 connected water performance systems sending over 21 million data points monthly.

The ECOLAB3D platform uses advanced algorithms and predictive analytics to swiftly detect system deviations and turns a flood of information into data-driven insights, providing customers with an unprecedented ability to help visualize, optimize, and control their energy and water usage. It helps companies implement tailored conservation strategies that contribute to reduced water use, energy use, and ultimately, greenhouse gas emissions.

This smart platform also provides customers with key information about their systems performance in real time, using insights to drive action. Notably, the platform uses generative AI accelerators to provide efficient application support and development.

Ecolab’s 48,000 associates deliver science-based solutions, data-driven insights, and world-class service to optimize water and energy use for millions of customers in more than 170 countries. This impact is significant: nearly 200,000 actionable notifications provided by the platform every month empower Ecolab’s clients to strategically target their conservation efforts—planning to save 300 billion gallons of water annually by 2030 using smart water management practices and tools. Advanced analytics and AI integration also help provide a clearer view of inefficiencies, contributing to carbon neutrality through greenhouse gas emissions and preventing millions of pollution-related illnesses annually.

Together, we developed a solution that is helping companies in over 40 industries worldwide to enhance efficiencies, drive global impact, and integrate AI capabilities into their solutions to unlock next-generation insights, analysis, and collaboration—staying true to Ecolab's mission of making the world cleaner, safer, and healthier.

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