Call for change

The ability to efficiently and effectively execute sales activities to support Accenture’s growth aspirations is crucial. As Accenture’s IT strategy shifted to being platform based, we had an opportunity to address our legacy sales environment, which had become a collection of disconnected on- and offline tools that was falling short in serving Accenture sales teams’ needs.

The business needed one solution to manage sales—from first client contact to signed contract—to enable client account teams to collaborate. These teams needed a solution that provided the rigor and analytical insights to help them move from sales administration to sales enablement.

When tech meets human ingenuity

Our Global Sales and Pricing Excellence organization developed a vision for a new solution, named Manage mySales, and collaborated with our global IT organization to make it happen. Both organizations focused on digitizing how Accenture sells by moving the entire sales process online and improving efficiency through integration and automation. At the same time, the long view is to enhance the solution with intelligence and analytics.

Implementing the foundation

The foundation of the Manage mySales solution is based on the Salesforce platform using standard capabilities with custom enhancements. Sales processes and capabilities were brought online and integrated to enable Accenture’s global account teams to connect with the right people, the right assets and the right insights to be more effective in their sales pursuits. Underpinning all activities were three guiding principles: 1) Focus on what matters most to Accenture account and sales teams, 2) Enable “one-stop shop” for sales and 3) Use best-in-class capabilities.

Implementation of the “base” Manage mySales solution involved integrating sales data across numerous applications to streamline, simplify and integrate the sales management processes. The combined Sales and IT team also used a new infrastructure, enabling the solution to be managed entirely in the cloud and be used anywhere, anytime on mobile devices.

Driving adoption Accenture-wide

Introducing Manage mySales presented a big change to approximately 30,000 account team users. To efficiently enable this large number of users to quickly become familiar with the new Manage mySales solution, we developed extensive training in various forms, embedded links to training, job aids and videos, and used social media tools to provide learning tips. This approach gave account teams the right level of support and information they needed, when they needed it, to adopt Manage mySales efficiently.

Unlocking new value

Laying an application foundation and building comprehensive integration and automation created new opportunities to transform business processes and make previously unattainable insights available to account teams—all of which is now unlocking new, post-digital value.

We improved operational efficiency by optimizing business processes, integrating applications and providing core analytics to enable real-time insights. We extended the CRM platform by building a New Business Management application that provides a comprehensive view of an opportunity and enables online, real-time approval decisions. A Sales Campaign Management capability now supports the growth of the sales pipeline through objective-based, time-bound, measured initiatives.

We also implemented Salesforce’s cloud-based platform, Wave, that enriched core analytics in the New Business Management application to make opportunity comparisons against key metrics and in account dashboards to instantly view key Pipeline and Win Rate metrics such as what happened, what changed period on period and what is projected in the future.

Sales Cloud Lightning has enhanced the Manage mySales user experience and reduced dependencies and deployment impacts on other workstreams. The intuitive and integrated platform leads to increased efficiency for sales teams. Today, account teams benefit from easy access to insights and dashboards throughout the sales process, including pricing, new business management, contacts and approvals.

To maximize our investment in the Salesforce platform, our long-term strategy is to continue to take advantage of new capabilities and features. The platform is also giving our delivery teams greater agility to respond to the business by being able to increase speed from idea to implementation from months to days.

"What is most exciting about the deployment of Manage mySales is the industrialization and end-to-end enablement of our Accenture Selling Methodology. Before, sales teams relied on paper-based templates that were disconnected and inconsistently used. Now, by integrating our best practices into the application, they are more effectively adopted by teams and reinforced by leadership."

— SARA PORTER, Managing Director – Sales & Pricing Performance, Accenture

Driving decision making with Einstein Analytics

We have focused on incorporating more analytics and reporting capabilities into Manage mySales to drive intelligent decision making. We initially launched analytic sales capabilities to drive operational efficiencies. Now, we are equipping our teams with predictive analytics to optimize sales investment, focus and business decisions.

Our goals are to deliver analytics at the point of need so that Accenture leaders can quickly unlock answers and make decisions to change outcomes. We want to embed analytics into existing online destinations leaders use to manage their deals and accounts. We also want to inform decision making with dashboards that measure individual and account-level performance. Additionally, we are executing a “give-back” strategy to make reports available to a widespread user group, not just operations.

The aim is to empower account teams to move from insights to actions more quickly and intelligently. Account teams and leaders already have a rich array of metrics at the deal, account and organizational level, anywhere, on any device. Einstein Analytics enabled us to develop indicators, such as our Win Probability Predictor, to help to predict the potential for deal success, and enable sales teams to take strategic actions to increase win probabilities. The model accurately predicts the ability to win an opportunity with 97 percent accuracy—in less than three seconds.

We are steadily extending our sales analytics footprint into the broader Accenture ecosystem and further expanding predictive analytics capabilities. At the same time, our team continues to drive adoption, usage and behavior change among account teams.

A valuable difference

Manage mySales delivers all sales needs via a single platform for growing Accenture’s sales pipeline, qualifying opportunities and developing best-in-class strategies. It is a “one-stop shop” solution that every client-facing Accenture employee can use anywhere, anytime for building and managing key client relationships. More robust and digitized CRM capabilities include streamlined opportunity forms, online qualification and win strategy tools, automated new business meeting materials, and enhanced intelligence via account management. Sales opportunities, in turn, are undertaken more efficiently and effectively, and analytic capabilities help drive decisions that improve sales outcomes and ultimately lead to increased business value.

Highlights of Accenture’s Manage mySales solution include:

30,000 users

Across 50 countries with Wave Analytics access


Increase in sales team engagement

20 percentage points

Win probability improvement when analytic capabilities are used during opportunity pursuits

Digitizes and integrates

Selling materials in one interactive, synthesized view to reduce manual effort

Standardizes a strategic approach

And sharpens focus to help improve efficiency and effectiveness

Provides insights

Provides relevant, proactive and actionable insights to drive better, faster decisions

Enables capture

Of online, real-time approval decisions

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