Transition Talk - The energy transition podcast series by Accenture

The energy system is undergoing radical changes in light of the sustainability push, which is changing the way the world works and lives. Listen to new insights on the latest developments in the energy transition.

As part of the energy transition, sustainability moves to the heart of businesses forcing them to carry out a systemic shift. Be prepared and ensure your sustainability initiatives are future-ready in this new economy. You'll also need to transform existing business models to unlock new value in a purpose-driven sustainable world.

In collaboration with BNR, we've developed this podcast series, called Transition Talk. Here, we discuss different elements of the energy transition with industry experts and share their insights and opinions.

The world is changing toward a sustainable future. Stay in touch with the latest insights in the energy transition


Transition Talk 1: Hydrogen

Hydrogen is increasingly mentioned as an indispensable link in our future energy system. In our first podcast episode, we discuss how and when we can achieve a hydrogen economy with experts from the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate and Gasunie.

Hydrogen has huge potential as a sustainable energy carrier and feedstock in the manufacturing industry, transport sector and heating of the built environment. Moreover, hydrogen may play an important role in system integration as increased flexibility is required to keep the grid stable.

As part of the energy transition, demand for energy is being electrified, while the share of renewable energy on the supply side is steadily increasing. Due to these immense developments in the energy system, balancing energy supply and demand across space and time becomes even more challenging. Hydrogen can play an important role in sector coupling of the electricity and gas grids, thereby stabilizing the system as a whole.

Transition Talk - Hydrogen podcast

Melissa Stark, Global Renewables Lead at Accenture, Noé van Hulst, Hydrogen Envoy at the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate Policy, and René Schutte, Program Manager Hydrogen at Gasunie, discuss the role that hydrogen may play in our future energy system. Especially, green and blue hydrogen are discussed, as well as the timing and scaling of a hydrogen market and possible regulatory changes to stimulate a hydrogen economy.

Listen to this episode to learn more about how we can achieve a hydrogen economy. 

Meet the speakers

René Schutte

Progam Manager Hydrogen - Gasunie

René Schutte is Program Manager Hydrogen at Dutch energy utility Gasunie. René joined Gasunie in 2006, where he worked as Category Manager Energy and managed the Projects Industry and Markets department before becoming the Program Manager Hydrogen. He develops a hydrogen program at Gasunie and prepared a concept hydrogen program for the Dutch Climate Agreement.



Noé van Hulst

Hydrogen Envoy - Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate Policy

Noé van Hulst is Hydrogen Envoy at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate Policy. Prior to that, Noé has been the Dutch Ambassador to the OECD, Chairman of the IEA Governing Board and held positions at the Energy Academy Europe, the International Energy Forum (IEF), the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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Melissa Stark

Global Renewables Lead - Accenture

Melissa Stark is a managing director in Accenture with over 25 years of experience working across all sectors of the energy industry. She focuses on R&D/technology, investment and decision support, and supply. Melissa is Accenture’s Global Renewables Lead and has authored more than 40 papers and articles over the last 10 years.

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