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Robbert Alblas

Analyst – Accenture Interactive

Israel Barros

Service Design Lead

Gebrian uit de Bulten

Liquid Studio Director

Jan van Dam

Senior Manager – Accenture CMT

Floris van den Dool

Managing Director – Accenture Security​

Matthijs Geerse

Technology Consulting Analyst – Utilities and Industry X.O

Tom Ghelen

Capability Lead Future Now for Gallia

Brian Goldman

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy

Axel Haenen

Technology Consultant – Accenture Strategy & Consulting, Financial Services

Bjorn Hees

Application Development Manager

Zienat Hussainali

Management Consultant – Accenture, Customer Insight and Growth

Rachelle Janssen

Application Development Analyst at Accenture Technology

Julia Jessen

Management Consulting Senior Manager – Financial Services, specialized in Compliance and Regtech

Pierre-François Kaltenbach

Senior Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Supply Chain & Operations, Europe Lead

Luke Kenny

Senior Manager of Accenture's Cybersecurity team

Rolf Kramer

Sales Lead

Jasper Küller

Analytics Strategy Manager at Accenture Digital

Jean-Paul Lefeu

Salesforce Consultant

Youri de Koster

Innovation Consultant – Accenture Emerging Technology

Hui Lin

Associate Manager

Lennart Marijs

Technology Consulting Manager – Accenture Health and Public Service

Marc Neumeyer

Digital Marketing Manager - Accenture Interactive

Mehmet Olmez

Commerce and Build Experiences Lead, BeneLux and France

Bastiaan Opdam

Senior Manager – Accenture Health & AMP

Daan Robeerst


Anne Laure Rouw

Inclusion & Diversity Lead NL

Frans Willem Strabucchi

Technology Consultant

Bastiaan Uunk

Snr. Manager – Accenture Strategy, specialized in Digital Finance

Martijn van der Meijden

Managing Director – Applied Intelligence

Laurence van der Sande

Managing Director, Applied Intelligence Lead – the Netherlands

Nebahat In't Veld

Principal Director at Accenture Interactive, Digital Marketing Lead the Netherlands

Hielke Vogelzang

Business & Integration Architect Specialist – Accenture Technology, Utilities

Paul Weiss

Management Consultant – Payments, The Netherlands

Paul Koolen

Senior Manager - Accenture Technology, SAP group

Ruurd Feitsma

Associate Manager - Accenture Technology, SAP group

Rik Jacobs

Business & Technology Integration Senior Analyst - Accenture Technology

Henk Bijl

Managing Director - Accenture Strategy & Consulting, Smart Grid Services

Geert Bakens

Senior Change and Program Manager - Accenture Strategy & Consulting, Resources industry

Imre Morren

Management Consulting Analyst – Accenture Strategy & Consulting, Supply Chain & Operations group

Roy Ikink

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy & Consulting, Utilities Transmission & Distribution and Accenture Intelligent Platform Services

Jan-Joost Oostenbrink

Change & Project Manager – Accenture Strategy & Consulting, Resources industry

Elise Meijer

Business Strategy Senior Manager – Accenture Strategy & Consulting, Consumer Goods industry

Bas West

Associate Manager - Accenture Technology

Dirk Visser

Scrum Master Manager - Accenture Technology

Sidney Kwee

Scrum Master Manager - Accenture Technology

Ruud Kerckhoffs

Senior Manager - Accenture Technology

Wynand Singels

Manager – Accenture Business Agility

Sofie Hakmeh

Scrum Master & Agile Coach - Accenture Technology

Judith Knuiman

Program & Project Management Senior Manager – Accenture Technology, Accenture Technology Academy

Isaac Borghouts

Management Consultant – Accenture Strategy & Consulting, Health & Public Services

Lars Boer

Transformation Consultant – Accenture Technology

Amber de Weijer

Industry Consultant Utilities the Netherlands

Lonneke Tabak

Industry Consulting Manager – Utilities, The Netherlands

Silke Lepée

Environment Lead and Coordinator – Accenture Belgium, Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands

Marjorie Broudieu

Service & Interaction Design Senior Analyst – Accenture Interactive

Paul Meijer

Marketing Operation Senior Analyst

Jolenthe Janssen

Tech Strategy & Consulting Analyst – Accenture Strategy & Consulting

Roderik Brasser

Business & Integration Associate Manager – Accenture Technology, SAP

Katrien Jacobs

Managing Director – Accenture Technology, Architecture Capability Lead, Benelux and France

Roy Kuijpers

Intelligent Analytics Focus Area Lead – Accenture Technology, Europe

Navo Wickramanayake

Business & Integration Architect Analyst – Accenture Technology

Jelmer Silvis

Management Consulting Analyst – Accenture, Talent & Organization, Financial Services

Joerie Nijhuis

Technology Strategy & Advisory Manager – Accenture Strategy & Consulting

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