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NEDS Conference


Our focus areas & materials

Data & Information

Future defense relies on information-led action. Accenture assists defense organizations in harnessing data value for creating operational insights. Learn more or contact us.

Artificial intelligence

Explore Accenture's Data & AI Studio in Brussels to learn more about how analytics and AI can advance the military domain. Get in touch.

Cloud transformation

Defense organizations are on a decisive path to a cloud-enabled future. Learn more about how Accenture can guide the entire cloud process along policy, implementation and support and get in touch.

Cyber talent

The defense domain faces a cyber talent shortage. Together with industry partners Accenture can offer innovative solutions to address the talent gap. Learn more about our approach and get in touch.

Zero trust cyber security

Zero Trust is the future of cybersecurity for defense forces. Many struggle with understanding exactly what it is and what it means. Learn more about Zero Trust in the defense context or get in touch

Workforce transformation

The defense landscape is transforming at speed and scale, requiring defense organizations to develop innovative workforce and recruitment strategies. Have a look at our previous work and get in touch.

XR/VR/AR training

Virtual reality offers immersive training experiences and simulations that can enhance the skills and readiness of military personnel. Read more about immersive learning and get in touch.


Focusing on sustainability today will help to drive resilience and ensure mission readiness now and in the future. Get in touch to learn more about our work in this domain.

Meet the team

Gerard Kiewiet

Senior Manager – Client Account Leadership, Defense, Accenture the Netherlands

Timo Levo

Managing Director – Public Service, Defence, SAP, EMEA

Lennart Marijs

Senior Manager – Strategy & Consulting, Public Service & Defense, Accenture the Netherlands

Marieke de Bie

Managing Director – Health & Public Sector, Accenture the Netherlands

Jörgen Wortel

Senior Manager – Technology, Data & AI, Accenture the Netherlands

Noor Broeders

Management Consulting Consultant, Public Sector & Defense, Accenture the Netherlands

Hannes Weisbecker

Consultant – Strategy & Consulting, Public Sector & Defense, Accenture the Netherlands

Bram Marisael

Management Consulting Consultant