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Digital disruption presents one of the biggest challenges to public safety agencies, but advances in digital technology are also generating some of the most innovative solutions.

Public safety agencies must now police an entirely new virtual space. The UK National Crime Agency states the volume of cybercrime now surpasses that of physical crime. Digital is also increasing citizens’ expectations for faster, more tailored services at a time in which agencies face budget cuts.

Agencies must adopt a preventative approach to guarantee public safety and data-driven insights will be central to this effort. If harnessed appropriately, the enormous amount of data now generated can be used to help predict and prevent criminal activity, while integrating digital technology into services can generate savings and drive value for the public.


Immersive learning

Virtual Reality Learning slashes costs, removes distance barriers, improves productivity and reduces errors. Want to know more? Watch the video here and get in touch.

AI mirror

AI is mostly used to find useful connections in scientific observation. Ethical assessments are left up to humans. With this mirror, we have combined both. Find out more about the AI mirror!

Connected officer

Police officers in the field have the potential to work more effectively than ever before through the use of new technology. They are now connected to data and their colleagues.

Public safety trust management

What can public safety agencies do to build trust. Check out these four pillars and our public safety trust playbook. Want to know more? Get in touch!

Reimagining police workforce

The public safety landscape is transforming at speed and scale, requiring police forces to develop new workforce strategies, structures and skills. Read our vision here.

Enabling the front line

Police forces must seek to transform back-office functions if they are to deliver operational excellence in front-line policing. Find out more here!


Kickbob combines physical objects with digital intelligence. It measures acceleration, rotation and rotation. Want to know more? Watch the video here and get in touch!

Data driven policing

Data driven insights and #CloudFirst solutions from Accenture and AwS help West Midlands Police in the UK keep citizens safe. Read more here.

Aerospace and defence

Accenture's Aerospace and Defense Technology Vision 2021 demonstrate how digital impacts across every aspect of the industry value chain. Read more here!

Tech trends for public safety

It is critical for public safety leaders to adopt different mindsets and models in response to large-scale, ongoing change, by becoming more flexible and adaptable.


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